:als: Alouettes 2023 talk

Time of Possession Montreal 24:30 Ottawa 25:07

Receivers Not sure how much answers they got out of this. Sometimes when you try to evaluate too many players, the sampling is too small.

Not sure how much answers they got out of this. Sometimes when you try to evaluate too many players, the sampling is too small.

Punters Now this is surprising.

Maltos had himself one hell of a game, if Cote wasn’t Canadian, he would probably lose his job.


Interesting, Alexander didn’t look this effective watching the game but he did extremely well.

And Kuddos to the coaching staff. This is an amazing stat for a pre-season game with 80 or so players more than half in their first CFL game. This bodes well after the nightmare discipline issues of the last 3 seasons.


Next game may decide who the punter will be.

No impact on the ratio if Maltos was to replace Côté. When 2 Global players dress, you have to dress 1 less National. With Côté, yes 21 Nationals are dressed, but in fact only 20 are dressed at other positions; would be the same with Maltos since 20 Nationals will still be dressed at other positions; the 1 less National will be the kicker, Côté.


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You think they cut a local guy for a Globo? I don’t see any scenario where they cut Cote.


Why would you cut a FG kicker who was amongst league accuracy leaders last season, for a guy who made a few mostly short kicks in an ex. game ???; plus Cote can punt if need be if the starting punter gets injured in a game (potential disaster if you don’t have a 2nd punter).


Yeah, I think people are getting too hyped about one preseason game. Cote is our kicker. He’s not going anywhere. It’s not a great look if you cut a guy who’s been money just because another player had a good preseason game.

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Zema and Cote both signed contract extensions this offseason I think, I really doubt no matter how well these global players perform there’s no way they take the starting job from either of them. Besides their sample size is only going to be two games, our previous starters have full seasons of experience already. Hopefully we can keep them on our practice squad.


You guys are just making the point for me. There was never any scenario regardless of the performance these guys put together.

No way through training camp … now if either kicker, or both, outright sucks … who knows.

But that’s different from Evans, who really did not have a good game at all compared to Alexander and especially to Glass.

Coté was great last year and didn’t even play on Friday. You can’t cut a guy like that and you shouldn’t. But it is legit to wonder if Glass could make the team if Evans doesn’t look better in game 2.

I’m not suggesting they cut him. I’m saying Meltos came in a situation where he knew or likely knew he had no chance of getting the job but played so well that his effort will likely get him a job in the CFL at the next opportunity be it Montreal or any of the other teams. I think it is a great story about perseverance.

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Maltos was also10 yards better on his kickoffs. There were 5 in the game, so it would be 50 yards difference.

But it is hard to see Coté losing his job.

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Suite au commentaire de notre collègue, idealsheldon, lors de l’avant-match de la partie intra-équipe, trois botteurs pratiquaient les bottés de dégagement: J. Zema, R. Byrns et J, Maltos.

Les deux (2) premiers étaient supérieurs à J. Maltos.

Après l’avoir vu en action, contre Ottawa comme botteur de précision et de « kickoffs », les Alouettes évaluaient alors, selon moi, ses capacités pour botteur de dégagement.

Je désire souligner le travail des unités spéciales et de leur coordonnateur Byron Archambault.

Des trois (3) unités, ce fut celle qui a joué un match parfait, pas de punition, pas de mauvaise remise et ceci avec une majorité de nouveaux joueurs.

Pour les botteurs de précision: mes choix sont David Côté, comne régulier et Jose Maltos sur l’équipe de pratique.

Pour les bottés de dégagement, de ce que j’ai vu de J.Zema et R. Byrns, ils sont les deux (2) de très bons botteurs et le choix selon moi va être serré.

Félicitations à Jean Marc-Edmé et son équipe pour le recrutement de joueurs de qualité et ce travail se retrouve aussi au niveau des botteurs où les deux nouveaux sont compétitifs.

I see many are disappointed with Davis Alexander’s performance during the game. I could not watch the whole game, but managed to watch the 3rd quarter; in which I saw a few drives with Alexander at QB.
His pre snap reads might have been deficient as has been mentioned, but the o-line did him no favours either. I remember him being almost constantly on the run. I did appreciate how he managed to improvise out of the pocket and complete passes. It was not all bad.


My minority opinion is Maas didn’t do Alexander any favors by randomly changing QBs, not allowing any of them to get into a rhythm.

His apparent intention was to test their ability to be prepared to come in unexpectedly as a backup QB.

Is he trying to develop backup QBs or starters?

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He is explicitly trying to prepare them to be backups, because Fajardo is the starter. We may not agree with the premise of his argument, but if you accept that premise, his reasoning is sound.

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Both Evans and Alexander were guilty of a poor internal clock in the pocket for most of the game, waiting too long to make their throws. Glass had a much stronger sense of when to get the ball away.

I think Mike Glass is competing with Davis Alexander for a spot on the roster, not Caleb Evans. Caleb Evans will the make the roster solely for his QB sneak abilities imo.

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It will be interesting to see if this week Maas lets the QB’s have set time, e.g. Cody for 1.5 quarters and then give the rest a little over half a quarter straight and see who does what. Have been high on Alexander and it’s just one game, was really impressed with Glass. While I’d like it to happen, not convinced that Evans ever makes it as a CFL QB. Lots of potential, but not sure there is progression there.


Well, Cody is the starter, so I assume he’ll know when he’s coming in and going out. My bet is he gets the first quarter and maybe the first half, just to get him in rhythm. The other three will get whatever’s left.

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