:als: Alouettes 2023 talk

This was the best the Gazette was able to come up with as a photo - shameful. And not Herb's fault this time.


Devait-on vraiment s'attendre à autre chose?

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Well if the owner is gonna pull the ball and run through the Dline, you can't blame the photographer LMAO

The Gazette sports department, like the full paper itself & Postmedia in general, certainly has its issues.

With Pat Hickey retiring, it leaves only Stu Cowan & Herb to cover the Habs, Als, CF Montreal, Rocket, boxing, etc. Hickey & Cowan were no longer able to travel to Habs road games, and it will likely be the same for Herb & the Als.

But the Als should get great Journal de Montreal coverage. :grinning:

The only reason these two are still there possibly is they are too expensive to package off. I doubt daily newsprints are around much longer. The idea of mowing trees and loading them up with the most toxic ink anywhere must be too foul for environmentalists to bare.

I doubt that was the ONLY photograph taken at the press conference ... it was chosen, not imposed upon the paper.

Wes Sutton was asked on the Bird Flock Podcast what spot does he feels most comfortable playing. He replied that he is there right now: weak halfback. Sutton recalls watching how Greg Reid handled the position. He also says he enjoys playing there because he gets to blitz and play man coverage against usually the other team's best receiver.

Considering that Wes Sutton both enjoy and is comfortable playing at a position where he was named an East All-Star, it is my opinion that the team will unlikely ask him to switch positions.

Chip Cox didn't know he'd be playing SAM linebacker until 2008 training camp. The rest is history. Lots can happen between now and June.

I'm confident that Thorpe will find the right guy to fill that spot, regardless of who it is.

Just being cynical.

Larry Smith salue l'initiative de Pierre-Karl Péladeau de relancer les Alouettes

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Je crois que tout le monde (ou presque) salue l'initiative.

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Jason Maas' take on the current situation. Beverette & Sutton mentioned as replacements for Pickett.

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New ownership a big relief for Maciocia and rightfully so. And he will be allowed to spend to the salary cap ceiling which he was not permitted to do under the previous owners.

And good to see RDS not neglecting the team.


As long as Chris Ackie is still on the team and is going to be paid at least $135,000, it would make the most sense if Ackie started at will linebacker and Tyrice Beverette moves over to nickel linebacker.

Maintenant que c'est un concurrent qui détient l'équipe, ils vont devoir ramer plus fort pour garder leur contrat. Le 'Ournal de Morial et autres Québécor vont en parler davantage, alors les Bébelles doivent s'activer davantage aussi.

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Anyone else notice that after all the whinning and moaning and shift disturbing by Herb. He hasn't penned on article since the Als were sold.

That only makes sense if Thorpe sees Ackie as a starter. Which, judging from the years he's coached Ackie, isn't a given. But maybe this is the year Ackie actually gets the start without injuries. Hard to say.

Then there's Tyrell Richards. You have to think Thorpe and Maas are going to give Richards a chance to win a starting spot on defense this year, at least.

I'm not certain Ackie can handle the coverage responsibilities the new job description for WILL requires.

And we have Harelimana as a backup for Ackie.