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Lors de l’échange de V. Adams, T. Harris était vu comme le qa qui aurait permis le développement de D. Alexander, identifié alors comme le qa de l’avenir.

Pour V. Adams, les Alouettes ont obtenir un premier choix de repêchage de BC, en 2023, L. Uguak qui depuis qu’il joue régulier comme ailier défensif est un joueur solide, un canadien autre qu’un maraudeur. Mais nous avons échangé un qa spectaculaire dont le style de jeu est adapté à la CFL, dans le bon environnement.

T. Harris est parti comme agent libre à Saskatchewan.

D. Alexander est-il encore le qa de l’avenir selon les Alouettes?

À date pour le poste de qa, D. Maciocia n’a pas réussi comme les autres dg, depuis 2013, date de la retraite de A. Calvillo, à développer un qa de franchise.


I fully agree Fajardo is not even adequate. We will never win big with him. I would prefer developing a young QB like Alexander, rather than bringing back Harris.
Someday we are going to have to accept playing a young QB and go through his growing pains, in order to find the right QB.
We cannot keep bringing in other teams rejects.


I can actually see Cody being on Toronto’s roster as a backup. Perfectly adequate as a backup and they need someone behind Kelly. They are one hit away from disaster.


C’est toujours délicat de trouver le bon moment pour introduire comme partant un jeune quart. Il faut qu’il soit dans un environnement qui ne le brulera pas. Pas certain que Rourke aurait eu les mêmes succès s’il avait joué avec les Lions de 2021 au lieu de ceux de 2022.

Après je suis d’accord qu’avec les performances décevantes de Fajardo cette saison, ce n’est pas lui qui sera notre quart d’avenir.

Toronto’s Backup Cameron Dukes, seems more than capable as their backup. Plus he’s younger and has more upside incase anything ever happens to Kelly.

Not certain about how good David is :wink:, but Davis has only ever gotten mop-up time snaps … if the final game against HAM has no impact on the standings, I wouldn’t mind seeing Evans start, with Alexander getting the 2nd&3rd and Reece Udinski the 4th.

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C Kelly will not play next Friday in Winnipeg according to Torontos comment on TSN last night .
Guess we’ll see how #2 in Toronto looks when Bombers get all over him……Shame ,was looking forward to the game, now not so much…

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Als brought in Tracy Ham after he played in Edmonton , Toronto,Baltimore,
Ham went on to a lot of success in Montréal mentoring Calvillo who struggled as a young QB in Hamilton . Fajardo seems to be happy with Als and was certainly successful yesterday in Calgary,no?

Was thinking of this: winning teams don’t tend to have a QB the same numbers of INTs/TDs. It isn’t just the INTs it is when they happen. Look at Maier yesterday. His two INTs took points off the board for the Stamps and directly lead to them losing. Cody has had a number of those back-breaking red zone/end zone INTs too that have really hurt us.


I’m a bit puzzled by how fans are completely bypassing Caleb Evans despite the fact that he’s the same age as Davis Alexander but he’s currently 2-0 as an Als starter. It’s not like Alexander shone in preseason this year. You put him on those bad Ottawa teams and he likely wouldn’t have fared any better than Evans.

I am not saying Caleb Evans is going to become a star in this league. But he shouldn’t be written off either. He’s athletic, he can be a threat on the ground, and he throws the deep ball better than Cody Fajardo does.

I had a similar thought yesterday. How often does Cody pass for a touchdown? Not very often, and usually it’s a long catch-and-run play, not Fajardo finding an open receiver in the end zone. Typically, we score majors on the ground via QB sneak.


Ham was a better QB than Fajardo.

IMO the defence deserves the thanks for the win, not the offence and not Fajardo.


Harris is in good shape for his age and he’ll take fewer hits because he gets rid of the ball very quickly. I cannot see SSK keeping him around at $500k when they have shown they can not only win with Dolegala and Fine but run a more productive offence with them too.

Maybe HAM is interested in reuniting Harris with Milanovich if they ditch BLM and his similarly bloated salary. Otherwise, I can’t see where else Harris could land except Montreal, where he already knows the offensive coaches and where we would definitely need a veteran QB presence if Fajardo were cut loose.

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Fajardo has been a bit inconsistent but he’s not the issue with this team, his stats prove it, he’s on par with every other QB in the league except for TD passes. The issue with this team is Maas playbook. We saw last week the Als finally introduce screen passes to defeat the Blitz and they were even better at it this week (Stanback touchdown)

If the Als running game stopped killing drives and the offense relied on speed and deception instead of the 20 year old garbage Maas and Calvillo are drawing up nobody here would be talking about Fajardo. He’s it until the Als do like every other team is doing and developing their own QB. There are no HOF quarterbacks in the CFL right now and only one real vet dressing (Collaros). Kelly, Dolegala, Crum, Ford, Taylor are all in the first season starting. If the Als want a different QB they will have to invest time,

TD passes are a big metric, though. Not sure you can just write it off like that. He can’t find receivers in the end zone for touchdowns. That’s a big problem. A QB with nearly 1-1 TD-INT ratio is not good enough, period.

If you watch Fajardo play, his mechanics are awful. He’s constantly skipping passes to the turf or sailing them over receivers’ heads. And these are short or low intermediate passes! College QBs execute better than this. There were at least 5-6 incompletions of that sort yesterday, inexcusable for a 30-year-old at the pro level.

His deep balls have no zip on them and are constantly underthrown. He cannot hit fade/corner routes to save his life – those go for interceptions more often than not.

And then there is his near-total inability to check down. He’s a one-read QB. If his read is there, the play has a chance. If it’s not you better hope he can sandlot his way into some kind of improvised completion, because he does not see his open options in the flat unless they are the primary read and his stupid tendency to backpeddle in response to pressure takes away anyone open in the middle of the field.

I’m not saying Maas doesn’t need to improve his playbook. He does. But this offence would be a lot more efficient with someone with even average pre-snap reading ability running it, someone who can consistently make a 6-yard throw on second down, not sail it high and wide of the target.

Are you refering to yesterday’s game?
The running game had one of it’s better games this year. Too bad Mass got away from it for awhile in the first half.

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Au moins, DM a réussi à amener des quarts de calibre, qui permettent aux Alouettes d’être compétitifs. C’est déjà mieux que tous ceux que nous avons vu dans le passé. Au moins, il bouge.


Je suis d’accord pour T. Harris et C. Fajardo qu’il a engagés.

Sauf qu’il a échangé V. Adams et que l’embauche de C. Fajardo est devenu possible suite à son congédiement par Saskatchewan qui avait engagé T. Harris comme agent libre, un jeu de chaise musicale.

Mon commentaire concernait plutôt le développement d’un qa, l’année dernière, les Alouettes mentionnaient D. Alexander comme qa d’avenir., cette année aucun commentaire.

Je sais que D. Maciocia a posé des gestes sauf que 2021à 2023, 3 qa différents et c’est la même situation depuis 2013, sauf que ces derniers sont plus talentueux que ceux des 10 dernières années.

No, yesterday they finally put a game together on offense but against a team that will miss the post season.

I don’t think anyone here thinks we’re on par with the league-leading teams, but this is year 1 of Maas and year 1 of PKP.