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Thorpe SHOULD NOT be our next HC. He has not deserved it. He should not be back as DC either!


I doubt you will get your wish.

I suspect that if he isn't handed the HC position, he will be retained as DC.

You are most likely right.

I'm wondering when the new HC announcement will be made. Maciocia said it would be before the end of the 2022 year. Hopefully no later than the first week of December?

Depend when all the candidates will be available to talk and ready to sign.

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That's if they do a full, proper search, which I sadly doubt they will do.

Harder to name Thorpe HC after today's defensive debacle, though, I'll say that.


They probably already have a list of candidates they want to interview so that will accelerate the process. I’m confident that they will do a proper research

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Looking at Team Stats, Montreal alouettes had more sacks this year than the Argos. Just a fun stat lol

He should be left on the side of the road like Gerard gallant

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Don't forget to call him a cab or Uber

In terms of defence, the contrast yesterday was remarkable.

In the first game, Thorpe's defence was totally clueless as to how to stop, or even slow down, Toronto's offence.

But then in the second game, Richie Hall put on a clinic on how to creatively stymie an opposing team's offence.


On offence I have concerns for next season:

  • Harris is an adequate QB but lacks the arm strength to make the Als a consistent deep threat and is also somewaht problematic on ling sideline throws ... I don't know that any of the available FA quarterbacks are a solution ... I would be OK with Harris back in a 1999-style (Ham-Calvillo) tandem with Alexander (or a better young QB if they can find one).

  • Take out his 52 yard run and Stanback's production drops from 7 yards/carry to 2.9 ... still better than Fletcher's 2.7 ... some combination of play design & calling, and OL performance must be at fault; more so than Stanback, Fletcher and Antwi ... Maciocia needs to carefully analyze what was the cause and make the necessary changes ... I have concerns about both.

  • Wide receiver is the only unit that seems solid for next season, assuming everyone returns.

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Disappointing loss, but not unexpected. Argos had the better personnel and will not be a pushover against the Bombers.

Going forward we are likely stuck with Thorpe's bend but don't defend defense. But more troubling is that he is also the DB coach, our worst performing position group this season.

Keeping in mind that we were an average .500 team, regardless of the new Head Coach, we will need a significant personnel upgrade in order to become an elite team:

2 DBs

I like Trevor Harris the passer, but not his lack of mobility. Do we instead try to sign Cody Fajardo as our veteran QB while breaking in Davis Alexander? A mobile QB can avoid 1 or 2 sacks per game as well as pick up 1or 2 key first downs with his legs.

It will be an interesting December with the ownership situation having to be clarified, and of course the Head Coach appointment.


For me, the main priority, excluding a new Head Coach and re-signings of top potential free agents, is to find a "real" MLB, which the Alouettes have not had since the departure of Henoc Muamba. There could be top free agents; while Tyrell Richards could be a possibility, eventually, I doubt that he will be the one next year. Is he injury prone? Based on this season, a possibility.

Beside the MLB, defensively a DT is needed along with DBs; I don't have problems with the DEs now on roster; Davis, Moore and Usher are all signed for 2023.

Yes, the offensive line could/should be improved, but when 4 of your 5 starters are Nationals you have to look at the draft and it could take more than a year for adequate replacement.

With regards to potential free agents, I hope that players such as Trevor Harris, Eugene Lewis, Jake Wieneke, Adarius Pickett, Mike Jones, Kaion Julien-Grant, Hergy Mayala and Chandler Worthy will all be re-signed; I am confident that most of these players will be re-signed before the end of 2022.

For the Head Coach, I now have doubts about Noel Thorpe; internally, I now think that the number 1 candidate is André Bolduc. For external candidates and possibly 1 as Head Coach, they are : Jordan Maksymic, Offensive Coordinator for BC, and Brent Monson, Defensive Coordinator, for Calgary. If Monson was the choice, it would most probably mean the end of Noel Thorpe with the Alouettes. I expect an announcement for the Head Coach no later than the first week of December, 2022.



I hope you are right that Thorpe is doubtful to be the next head coach. He has not earned it. I could probably live with Bolduc as HC.

I would not bring back Weineke. He has (already) lost a step. Vercheval has said many times that Weineke cannot get separation when the defence plays man coverage. He only produces somewhat against zone.
Weineke only produced 589 yards this season. That is too little from an american full time receiver. We have part time canadians who can give us 500 yards per season.


Don't think we will sign a top MLB on the FA. I think the plan is to give Richards the starter job. We should bring US signing though that could compete with Richards and take his place if he's still injured next season.

Agree, with Sewell money we will the money to sign a top DT. If Moore and Usher are still under contrat, then no problem with keeping them.

I do think we should invest our draft capital on Oline this season. There is the LT position that we use an American and I think we can find better than Callander. Rice and Lestage are keeper and solid Oline. Brown/Jameison can make the job as center but I would look at the option for RG if there is solid one available.

I would let go Mike Jones and sign a shutdown #1 CB to replace him. I would love Jonathan Moxey who would be my #1 target on the FA. Wieneke, it will depend on his demand.

Buck Pierce need to be interview too. He got the potential to be a great coach and have make his class. Love the Maksymic option too.


One thing that could make me keep him, it's his blocking ability. He's probably the best blocker in the our WR group. But If he ask the same type of money that he had this year, he would be gone.

Regarding the offensive line, my take:

Callender and Rice are solid as bookends. Brown's emergence means Jamieson is expendable. Lestage has done well on the left side. The problem is at right guard. IMO both Gagnon and Matte are done, and that's where we should look to make a change next year.

After thinking about it, I agree that our DEs aren't the issue. Usher, Davis, and Moore make a good rotation. The problem is inside. Sewell is past his best-before data. Wakefield was a disappointment. Johnson has promise but he's new to the league. The Canadian defensive linemen (Gowanlock, Desjardins) have been invisible. Costigan is a journeyman. Ellis didn't really show anything. The other Ellis (Avery) was a nonfactor before he was traded. DT is where we need help, apart from MLB.

Either Monson or Maksymic would be a good HC choice. I still don't think Bolduc is ready. He's never even been a coordinator but now suddenly he's going to run the whole team? That would be a bad HC hire IMO.

Bo Levi Mitchell traded to Hamilton. We will need some upgrades because Hamilton will be better

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