:als: Alouettes 2023 Draft

Geez, couldn’t Maciocia have made a greater effort to sign him!

Dans la section « transactions « du 10/05, de la CFL, il est indiqué comme « active roster »:

  • 5 choix au repêchage 2023
  • 2 choix « global » 2023
    -Alec Poirier, Rouge et 0r
  • Tyson-Otis Copeland, Carabins

Et Kordell Rodgers dd. Texas State

Une correction au niveau du nom c’est Tysen-Otis Copeland Carabins et non Tyson-Otis.

Bien content de voir qu’ils ont invité Alec Poirier!

Tel que mentionné par notre collègue CFL-in-QC, je suis également heureux que les Alouettes aient invité Alec Poirier qui a connu une excellente carrière avec le Rouge et Or et qui a obtenu des reconnaissances (équipes d’étoile) au niveau du football québécois et canadien.

Une blessure au Combine l’a empêché de participer aux différents tests. Comme seconteurn intérieur contre la course il devrait être une véritable force. J’ai hâte de voir comment il va se débrouiller au camp d’entraînement et dans quelle forme il se présentera.

L’année dernière, nous avions pour terminer la saison des secondeurs extérieurs jouant à l’intérieur. Cette année nous avons Avery Williams et une recrue avec du potentiel Alec Poirier, une nette amélioration sur 2022.

Great news. Looking forward to seeing the impact this young man can have on our defensive line.


He measured 6-4, 261 at his Pro Day this off-season - as reported @ 3 Down Nation

He look like a good one that will give us Canadian depth on our Dline. Look forward to see him at the camp

Good size, long arms and athletic, he got the tools to succeed

261 is quite under-sized for a CFL/Pro DT. Maybe if he had put up 29 bench reps at testing to suggest bull strength to compensate for being a bit light; however, he could put on weight to play more at DT; or maybe he has the pass rush skills to play DE.

Not that much, he’s probably closer to 270 know and look at the size of some of the good DT in the CFL:

Mike Rose: 6’2 270
Micah Johnson: 6’2 260
Anthony Lanier: 6’6 280
Cleyon Laing: 6’3 280
Jake Thomas: 6’2 268
Mike Moore: 6’4 270
Woody Barron: 6’2 270
Derek Wiggan: 6’1 250

I would agree in the NFL but not in the CFL

You’re putting faith in CFL or team roster listings - which are often way off the mark or out of date or flat out wrong; a Combine or Pro Day feature recorded/verified measurements. The CFL teams don’t have to prove player measurement listings.

Very doubtful Derek Wiggan is anywhere close to 250 anymore - that was likely his weight coming out of college ball as a DE. Laing is listed at 290. And sure there are some smaller weight but powerful DTs who can succeed in the CFL - like Micah Johnson; or David Menard who plays some reps at DT as well as DE - but he put up 29 bench reps at Combine testing to show the strength to play inside.

I pull for all Canadian talent to succeed in the CFL, so I hope Uguak does well in camp and gets to play some reps for the Als D-Line.

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They have no reasons to don’t give the real one though and your weight change after your pro day.

The tape shows that he can be powerful, I mean don’t except a Ted Laurent type of DT they don’t have the same style, and his 1st step is quick so he can take guard off foot. I don’t put to much in the benchpress, I remember my DC back then saying us that he beat LBJ at the combine for bench press even if he was a DB/LB but at the end of the day he would destroy him in a 1 on 1 duel.

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I don’t care if he finds a spot at DE or DT. I’ll be delighted to see a Canadian playing an important role on our defensive line, something we’ve only had in flashes in the past 15 years (Menard, Bekasiak) and not on a full-time basis since Ed Philion and Adriano Belli.


Here he’s listed at 271 lbs. (scroll down for the reference.)

Ok; maybe he weighs that or more now; I was just pointing out that he weighed in at 261 at his college ball Pro Day a few weeks back.

And I rate Menard’s season of a couple of years back as more than a flash - he was the top producing D-Lineman on the team, even if he did not play full-time reps. A lot of CFL teams use lots of rotation on their D_lines now (including the GC winning Argos of last season who probably did it league most) - and that will usually include some Canadian D-line guys - IF the coaching staff has some respect or faith in them.

Si Thorpe le fait jouer…


Il y a en partie le fait qu’à ce moment de sa carrière, LBJ était encore en progression. Il a été le tout dernier choix au repêchage de sa cohorte, et pourtant, il a fini par s’avérer un centre de premier plan.

Je me souviens d’un moment au début de sa carrière professionnelle (sa 2ième année, je crois) où il avait été rétrogradé. Lorsqu’interrogé sur ce fait, il avait dit que l’entraîneur avait bien fait parce qu’il ne jouait pas assez bien. Lorsqu’il est revenu après ce court purgatoire, il était un des meilleurs du circuit à sa position.

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I wasn’t using flash disparagingly. I just meant he played in a rotation, though of course that is quite common, as you pointed out. I want us to use Uguak as more than just a body to rotate in to give the “real” linemen a chance to rest.

Maciocia isn’t stupid. He’s read Ackie’s comments about Thorpe. Taking a defensive lineman that high in the draft sends a very clear message to Thorpe: use your Canadian talent beyond the safety position.