Alouettes 2022 talk


Wondering if Brown will replace Jamieson at center or whether Matte will move to center to allow Brown or another backup to play guard.

In any case, we'll be heading into SSK in the similar situation to how they came to MTl: missing our starting center. Will make it harder for the right protections to be called with crowd noise and increase the likelihood of procedure penalties. I hope I'm wrong.

On the other hand, Shaq Evans is out with a fractured ankle, so Fajardo will be missing his best receiver on Saturday.

I wonder if Wieneke will be ready for Saturday.

My questions answered. Brown at center, Adams and Wieneke back at practice. KJ hasn't named the starting QB for this week but I'd be shocked if it was anyone but Harris.

None of the reporters have thought as yet to ask Maciocia about Pier-Olivier Lestage being released by the Seahawks and where his situation stands.


Exactly what I was going to say. With Jameison injury, Lestage become a really good target to bring.

What scares me about this game is that the Als are going into a bye week after this game...history tells us that they usually don't do very you have a pissed off Riders team...fingers crossed for this one!

What is their record going into a bye week?

We have a lot of O-line depth, though. Between Schleuger, Davis, Brown (drawing in for Jamieson), and the guys on the PR (Thomassin and Clayton), I am not too worried at the moment. Obviously if more O-linemen get injured that changes.

Nice little recap of last week on the Als' Youtube channel. This kind of stuff should be getting more play.

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Khari's presser today. Conférence de presse - Khari Jones - YouTube

No real surprises. Some good questions about Pickett at the end. Seems like they intend to use Pickett on returns, if he's healthy, along with Worthy. They probably will not dress Alford and Worthy at the same time. Ackie's status for the game will be determined later in the week. Khari likes Harelimana's football IQ.

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Agree, but I don't think any of those guys have the potential of Lestage

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I wonder if he will be one of those guys who ruins his career chasing around a NFL PR spot for years?

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Davis did star a couple of games at centre on college.

Weirdly, despite our struggles on the ground, Antwi is the league's leading rusher, and running yards across the league seem to be down. I wonder if that will change as the season wears on.

Eugene Lewis also leads all receivers in yards.

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James Butler is only 25 yards behind Antwi with one less game played due to BC Lions having their first bye week already, I think barring a monster game from Antwi, James Butler will be the league's leading rushing by the end of this week.

Fair enough, but even if Antwi stays in second place, that's pretty good for a guy who isn't our starting RB.


And makes much more money doing so … while, as a fan, I want the best players possible on the ALS roster I can’t blame a player for making the most money possible.

But, he'd have to live with wasting his prime years with an empty trophy case, nobody calling him "champ" or being invited for an alumni reunion. Sure he'd have a nice house paid for, but it would de-appreciate and need upgrades for a sale

IMO you are romanticizing a professional sport … NOT saying that championships and awards mean nothing to the players but at the end of the day it is a job and they have few years to make their money … but we disagree, which is OK.

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Yeah, but Football leads to other football jobs like coaching and broadcasting. Without any cache on his resume', he'll have to join us in the workforce like us civilians. "Did you order the Double-double, sir?"