Alouettes 2022 talk

If they tie a can to Khari, I would hope that they simply make someone interim HC for the year (Bolduc, maybe) and do a proper search in the offseason. But that would be asking for a lot of competence from an organization that has been dysfunctional for almost a decade now.

I'm feeling for Khari a bit right now. Even if he wins big, & even winning at all sounds dubious, his critics will be circling. The only thing I see saving him is an unlikely winning streak. Tough road.

Here are the team penalty numbers going into week #3.

BCL - 6
HAM - 6
MTL - 6
CGY - 6.5
WPG - 7.5
OTT - 9.5
TOR - 10
EDM - 10.5
SSK - 11.5

BCL - 30
HAM - 50
MTL - 65
WPG - 66.5
CGY - 76
OTT - 89.5
TOR - 90
EDM - 92
SSK - 109.5

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I would love to see him get it together and put together a winning streak! No one wants him to fail. But that playbook and that offense have to improve. Can he pull it off? We'll find out in the next two weeks.

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If you guys could somehow lure Mike Riley back to the CFL I'd be greatful.

That means giving up on the season AFAIC but you guys are probably right. None of these guys has ever been a successful O or D coordinator, let alone a HC so to elevate two of them. I would consider giving up on the season.

Is it too much after three seasons to put two consecutive wins together? I don't feel sorry for him at all. They are who we thought they were.

And you never know, either. Khari took over as OC only because Sherman got fired. Whoever took over as interim might have a pressure-free time to impress the brass and get that position made permanent at season's end. Anyhow, here's hoping none of this becomes necessary and KJ can get the Als going!

Never know, the GM is extremely well connected down south.


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The owner has deep pockets :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

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And patience, too!

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But seriously

If they really want to sell tickets and convince people they are serious.

...Marc Trestman


I'm usually not a big fan of getting the band back together, but if they go with Harris this and next year, Trestman makes a lot of sense.


Go the route that Argos went with Chris Jones ... MT as an offensive consultant ... they apparently don't count against the management/coaching cap and can still wander the sidelines and run the show on their side of the ball.

That could be tough ... he is currently Head coach and General manager for the New Jersey Generals ... curious, why would you be grateful?

Why not just hire MT as head coach, though?

I am personally not a fan of the consultant model. Too many cooks and all that. It hasn't worked for the Als the last few times they've tried (Chapdelaine, Matthews, Doug Berry, etc.).

Might be easier to get a 66-yr-old who has been out of coaching for a year to take a less stressful role ... and the offence needs the most attention ... give him a narrow focus ... also, see how it goes before looking at him as HC.

Well, 66 isn't that old. And he is a proven winner in the CFL. I think he'd be insulted to be brought on as a consultant on a trial basis, given how successful he was with Montreal last time around. You know what you're going to get with Trestman: a timing offense, with the RB primarily a blocker and the pass used to set up the run, rather than the other way around. Harris would be a perfect fit in that offense, since he came up under Milanovich in Toronto and Milanovich basically just took Trestman's playbook to the Argos.

We just went from 4th to 2nd in the east tonight. :smiley: