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My thought as well.

It does seem odd. but CJ does not miss out often. Obviously CJ doesn't think he's washed up.

Chris Jones probably traded Mike Moore because in Jones' opinion, Moore's salary does not justify his production. As-is, Moore would be the highest paid defensive lineman with the Als. Almondo Sewell and pending free agent Nick Usher were also in the top 10 of the highest paid DL in the CFL for 2021.

That article by Justin Dunk says there could be other players involved in this Moore-Washington trade. That seems likely because it would seem odd that Edmonton would pay anything for Tony Washington who is scheduled to become a free agent.

I could see Sewell contract being restructure

Strange that Jones would want Washington when he had already released 2 other older OTs in Derek Dennis & Sir Vincent Rogers.

As for Moore, I'll guess that he'll be asked to restructure. And a guy who Barron Miles knows.

Jean-Marc Edmé is probably the one who found him with Ottawa and he know him well for sure


I see now that Jones has a history with Washington with both the Argos & Eskimos, and he does like his former players.

As has been written, I expect that other player(s) could be included in this trade.

I would not be surprised if either Michael Wakefield or Woody Baron could be added to Washington going to Edmonton.

Mike Moore is mainly a defensive tackle; in 2019, he and Almondo Sewell were West Division All Stars, as defensive tackles. Later on, Sewell was an all League All-Star.


Likely Moore had a bonus comging up, this is a salary dump, Jones likes to scout his own players on defense. Tony is a camp body.

Great move Danny ! 2 players that wasn't in our plan for a good DT

C'est finalement martese jackson qui accompagne washington Ă  Edmonton

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It is going to be funny if they sign Boateng and Betts next month. The entire Edmonton Dline moved to Montreal

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Go all Canadian at LB, like in 2000

WLB: Ackie, Draft Richards
MLB: Muamba
SLB: Dequoy, sign Pruneau.

I think Pruneau and Muamba have played their best football.

I think the Als will draft Makonso at #4 and Sow at #13 if he is still available
I think the Als will sign Boateng and Betts on the first day of free agency.

I totally agree regarding Muamba and Pruneau that they "have played their best football".

Yes, Betts could be signed but I have doubts about Boateng, unless he agrees to a huge reduction on his 2021 salary. He had a bad year in 2021.


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No matter where he signs he will be taking a pay cut. I'm noticing all teams in the league being a lot more careful how they spend money lately. Which is a good thing.

Idem concernant Muamba et Pruneau.
Je voudrais bien voir Betts à Montré l'essayer comme MLB !
Il a une trÚs bonne poursuite et des bonnes techniques de plaquage : c'est pas qu'on a trouvé des bons candidats l'an passé !

Trouvé sur le site 3downnation, ce qui explique un peu le silence des Alouettes concernant des signatures. C'est à propos du CGS.

Four CFL teams had a notable presence at the event, with Winnipeg and Montreal — led by general manager Danny Maciocia — bringing the most robust contingent and engaging in interviews with all of the Canadians

article en question...

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While the ALOUETTES have presently 23 potential free agents, so far a total of 53 have been signed for the 2022 season; if I take into consideration ONLY the 2021 starters and players at least on 1 game active roster, a total of 41 have been signed for 2022. The numbers, by position, are:

RECEIVERS : 6 signed. Jake Wieneke remains unsigned.
DEFENSIVE LINEMEN: 4 signed. Woody Baron,David MĂ©nard, Chris Usher and Michael Wakefield remain unsigned.
LINEBACKERS : 6 signed. Patrick Levels remain unsigned.
DEFENSIVE BACKS: 6 signed. Ty Cranston,Exume Kerfalla Emmanuel and Monshadrik Hunter remain unsigned.
SPECIALISTS : 3 signed. KR Mario Alford remains unsigned.

This week, I definitely expect -maybe I should write HOPE rather than expect-announcements regarding the coaching staff and re-signings of some potential free agents.

COACHING STAFF: The positions of Coach of receivers and Coach of linebackers are not filled/ announced, yet. Difficult to foresee who the Coach of receivers will be; a few weeks ago, I wrote that Winston October could be a possibility and I still think that he remains a possibility. I expect Byron Archambault to be the Coach of linebackers.

POTENTIAL FREE AGENTS: There could be announcements of re-signings of some potential free agents; the ones that could be re-signed are:
Mario Alford - KR
Exume Kerfalla- Emmanuel- DB
David MĂ©nard- DL
1 amongst DL Woody Baron, Chris Usher and Michael Wakefield.

Hoping for some good news!

A nice week to all of you.