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We have talk a lot about the US recruitment of Danny and I do agree that it's need to be better but if Mustafa Johnson can continue like he did last game, his recruitment is starting to look good especially in defence with:

Jamal Davis
Mustafa Johnson
Adarius Pickett
Wes Sutton (who is playing way better football since 1 month)
Reggie White Jr

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I'd add Fletcher to that list too.

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Fletcher was with EDM so that's why I didn't put him in the list but he was a nice find for sure

Ah, thanks. I didn't remember where he came from.

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And if Davis Alexander turns out to be a live one, that's a good case too for Maciocia's recruitment. Not sure to what extent Edme and Lande have factored in but either way, we have certainly found some impact players through U.S scouting.

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Yes if Alexander is the solution we are searching for from the last 10 yrs, the narrative will change for sure on Danny US recruitment. Edmé had good reputation with Ottawa, but I don't know how much he's expertise is on US Scouting

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That's because you guys see him as a blocking fullback, when you should be using his tighend like body to run routes.

He's not a really good receiver though, he's not dynamic and he doesn't win the 50/50 ball. He could have been a good TE but they are not use in the Canadian football. He's more a good Special team player

He was a slotback in college and only became a fullback in the pros due to his weight. The smart offesive coodinators use tightends in the game. Tommy Condell finally learned last game that a Tighend can be a mismatch.

Danny Maciocia cannot full credit for Jamal Davis and Reggie White being Alouettes as both were on the team neg list prior to him being hired as the GM.

That's interesting to know. He still gets credit for signing them, at least, and particularly for maintaining a line of communication with Davis and bringing him back.


Every ball I've seen him catch in Montreal he was standing still facing the QB. He's not that guy...

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Can we give some grudging respect to Noel Thorpe? Working with key personnel absent in the secondary, his defense still managed to hold the Cats, who had pasted Winnipeg the week before, to 16 points over 60 minutes of football. The big weakness is run defense, which of course has to improve, but I like all the stunting and formation-shifting he's got them doing pre-snap. It's taking away clear sight lines for the enemy QB, which leads to confusion and happy feet in the pocket.

If the offense ever gives us 60 minutes of productive football, we could be really hard to beat.

Also kudos to Cote for nailing that 51-yarder in the second half. That's a clutch kick.

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Absolutely ... although the run defence could use some improvement ... I thought we were lucky they didn't just pound Hills down our throat (figuratively ... he was just-as/more dangerous going outside).


Points given up by Thorpe's defense the last 6 games:

35 WPG
17 WPG
28 HAM
31 OTT (does not include 7 points Ottawa scored from the strip-sack on Harris)
10 BC
16 HAM

The first WPG game was the worst, but also marred by a ton of penalties that kept WPG drives alive or put them in range of field goals or TDs. The Ottawa loss was the most disappointing, in that we were coming off a bye week and playing at home against a division rival. But the unit is showing improvement. Holding good teams to fewer than 20 points three times in six games is nothing to sneeze at.

Edmonton on the road next week will be a good test for the whole team, but the offense especially. I've been asking the whole year, but I'd still really like to see a fast start for once, where we post at least one major early or midway through the first quarter and score at least 14 points in the first half.

Absher released: Alouettes release WR Dante Absher -

I think they just give him a chance to grab a spot elsewhere at this point. He showed some nice things in 2019 but we didn't had a place for him and wasn't use this year except for 1 game

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