Alouettes 2022 talk

I dont like it but it is a natural occurrence.

The owner needs to hire their President and then GM.
The GM hires their HC.
The HC hires their staff.
The Als had their order messed up by chance for years.
Now they can move forward

And its all reflected back through QB issues.

Avery Ellis was just put on the injured list, so Isaiah Gay or Mustafa Johnson will have to be elevated from the practice roster.

If they really want to be like the Bombers then fire Maciocia and go with:

GM: Danny McManus
HC: Buck Pierce

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Mike O'Shea has no contract for 2023. Any CFL team could try to outbid Winnipeg if they feel he is worth it.

O' Shea will go to where he wants to go and not only about the money. And he won't be going to the Als.

If he understood that, he wouldn't have traded Cam Lawson. He's really making an pact in the Bombers three man rotation.

Lawson has 7 tackles & 1 sack in 8 games - don't see that as much of an impact.

And his trade allowed us to draft Tyson Philpot @ No. 9.


Dominique Davis remains the Als’ backup quarterback with Vernon Adams Jr. (elbow) still injured. There’s a chance defensive-end Isaiah Gay and tailback Tavien Feaster could make their season debuts.

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J’ai bien peur qu’il se retrouve à Toronto. Pinball peut être pas mal convaincant.

Now he has to find us a QB.

While I am aware that it won't change anything, I nevertheless compare some statistics for the first 4 games of 2022- under Khari Jones and Barron Miles- with the ones for games 5,6,7 and 8. -under Danny Maciocia and Noel Thorpe-

With a few exceptions, the numbers are worse under Danny and Noel. I have rounded the numbers.

The points scored per game went from 26 to 25; the points allowed per game went from 26 to 31.

Average yards gained per game went from 349 to 355; average yards allowed per game went from 362 to 377.

Average passing yards gained per game went from 259 to 268; average passing yards allowed per game went from 256 to 259.

Average running yards gained per game went from 90 to 87; average running yards allowed per game went from 107 to 119.

QB sacks done/achieved per game went from 3 to 1; QB sacks allowed per game went from 4 to 3.

Average penalties per game went from 7 to 9; increase of 28.6%.

Average yards allowed per game for penalties went from 69 to 117; increase of 69.6%.

After the first 4 games, the team record was 1-3 and they were in second place.

After games 5,6,7 and 8 the team record is 1-3 and they are in third place.

We can say and the numbers confirm it, that no improvements under Danny and Noel; while Khari was fired due mainly for penalties by the team, it's what has increased the most.

After next Thursday's game, the Alouettes will most likely be 2-7. As I wrote before, 7 of the then remaining 9 games will be against East teams; they will have to win at least 5 of these games. Almost 67% of the first 9 games will have been played away; it will be the reverse -67% at home-for the remaining 9 games, although they don't win regularly at home; will it change? Stay tuned!

The major improvements that have to occur, starting now, are:

-Reductions in penalties, particularly interference penalties.
-Improvements to the offensive line; play 2 A OL if the better option.
-Improvements in running game.
-Improvements to defensive line; more pressure on QBs and more defensive tackles.
-Reduce long receiving yards by opponents.
-Improvements by the QB.

Won't be easy and, unfortunately, not too many better players, including QB, waiting.

Hoping for the best!


The points


On the broadcast Vercheval said the Als D was becoming predictable:

5 d-linemen with twists
2 LBs
DBs in soft zone

This is disturbing. Believe Danny Macioca had referenced discipline being a problem under Khari Jones.

Curious to know, how many points for the opposition were aided because of the penalties taken by the Alouettes. Such as PI putting the opposition into scoring range.

I would also be curious to know how many times the Alouettes have been in the red zone and points scored (an in particular TD's).
Against the Bombers, the first half there were 3 times in the red zone and came away with 3 points.

Khari was a nice guy but couldn't crack the whip. Penalties were a problem.

Maciocia doesn't command respect as a head coach, so penalties continue to be a problem.

Can you imagine the team behaving like this under Trestman? I can't either. I haven't entirely given up hope on this season, given the state of the East, but TBH I am much more interested to see who becomes the head coach next season. The good news is that there is little to no case for Thorpe to take on the HC title.


They are a poorly coached football team. No one is playing to expectations with a couple exceptions: Murray and Philpot. When your entire roster is playing under their abilities, all that is left is coaching which includes playbooks and strategy.

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This should be sent to Gary Stern asap!

No evidence to back this up, but I feel that neither Maciocia nor LBJ is being objective about the O-line problems, in particular LBJ's buddy Kristian Matte who is past his best-before date. I get that it's hard when you're coaching a guy you used to play with. But if we're going to hang the DBs out to dry and call out people like Moore and Beverette for taking penalties at bad times -- something Maciocia had no problem pointing out in the postgame -- we should be equally forthright about the O-line. Not just pass-blocking woes leading to sacks but also the inability to open up holes for whoever happens to be the running back. If a team can't run between the tackles, it means the guards aren't winning their position battles at the line of scrimmage.

I have to after the invisible 4 on the D line cannot get to the QB no matter what...the worst dline in the cfl without a doubt. The Oline...something is off with them.

I agree the OL needs an upgrade. Regardless of ratio or contract: if Pier-Olivier Lestage, Chris Schleuger, or Jamar McGloster can improve the line, they should be playing.

Not sure if Warren Newman was injured against Winnipeg since he was not returning kicks at the end of the game. Should Chandler Worthy not be available for the rematch, I would just let Tyson Philpot handle the kick return duties and take advantage of adding another import elsewhere.

If the Als had another non-import running back on the roster, I would not mind him if the team went all-Canadian at RB since having an import there does not seem to make a difference.

Jake Wieneke has just been a decoy as Trevor Harris never seems to want to throw his way. I cannot say if Cole Spieker would make a difference or not but if he were inserted instead, there would be an element of surprise since nobody in the CFL has seen him play.

Last game, Avery Ellis was injured. I do not even remember seeing Isaiah Gay ever line up on defense. Since Noel Thorpe likes to use 4 linebackers on passing downs, I should not have been too surprised. Tyrice Beverette would be one of the 4 linebackers Thorpe would want to play on 2nd and long. Plus, he is known for playing well on the special teams. So, my guess is he is not going to be demoted or released.

I am hoping the team does not drag out the Vernon Adams situation. If there are no plans for him, they should just trade him. Edmonton declined to make the Adams for Nick Arbuckle trade, maybe there is a chance the Redblacks will.

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Agreed about the O-line. The D-line is weird. We were doing fine prior to Miles being fired. Since Thorpe came in and started installing a new defense, our pressure is really inconsistent. Sometimes we're pressuring the QB. Sometimes we're invisible. I really wish Thorpe would be more aggressive in his playcalls.

Releasing Tre Watson now looks as bad as firing Barron Miles, who was only in his second year as DC.