Alouettes 2022 talk

Since 2021 is over, time to start thinking about 2022.

I am really not sure Khari Jones should be back. Mickey Donovan also.
Tony Washington is finished.
We have no quarterback. Adams and Harris are not the answer. Bring in a bunch of young guys and hold an open competition in training camp.

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Someone needs to be held accountable after this game, firings need to happen or we're going to continue our current trend of mediocrity.


As I said in another thread, Mike O'Shea had the Bombers out of the playoffs in his first two years as head coach.

Khari has taken us to the playoffs two years running with different quarterbacks under center. I say he should stay. What I expect, this offseason, is for him to seriously reflect on how the team needs to grow AND how he needs to grow as a head coach.

I actually don't think quarterback is an issue at all. Between Harris, Adams, and Shiltz, we're in pretty good shape for the future.

I agree that Tony Washington is finished. I agree that Mickey Donovan should probably be fired.

If you blow everything up now, we're back to square one with no guarantees. Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater. There are a lot of good things about this team, but we're obviously not a contender yet. Let's make only the changes we need to make and give Khari a chance to evolve.


Agreed ... retools/rebuilds are somewhat easier in the CFL because of the number of free agents each offseason (both expiring contracts and cap casualties) ... The OL obviously needs to be refreshed; evaluations of how this season's injuries will impact next season will be key to making some tough decisions ... they may also want to look for some kick returners ... Khari must be certain he is happy with the QBs (starting, backup and depth); that is an offseason job ... think there may also be some tough decisions needed to be made on the staff under Jones.


Washington is done. Get Schleuger squared away to a two-year contract. Fire Donovan and possibly Robert Gordon. Sort out the QB contract situation under the cap. Release Bray. Get Khari some offensive coaching help and let him reflect on what he needs to do better next year (team discipline, penalties, offensive playcalling).

I don't think we're that far off from being a contender, despite what happened today. A few tough but necessary decisions, retain the core, give a young, bright head coach the chance to show what he can do for a third year.


I sympathize with you, I cheered for Montreal.
Stay strong.

  • Replace Tony Washington. He's done.

  • Cut Gros NonoFoucault. Might be the worst performance I've seen by a Guard all season in the CFL.

  • FIRE the Special Team's coordinator.

  • Recruit or FA signing a stud MLB

  • Fire Khari Jones. I am sorry to say, he isn't HC material. There is more to the job than being liked by your players...

  1. This team ended its season 15 games later as undisciplined as it was since game 2 of the season. That is inexcusable.

  2. His decision to leave a healthy Shiltz on the sideline for a kid who has never thrown a pass in the CFL is inexcusable.

  3. His inability to find ways to use Julien-Grant and Cameron Payne...

  4. The lack of practice time and importance dedicated to Special teams.

For these reasons. I think the Als should hire a new Head Coach and unfortunately this will also mean a new OC. You might save money allowing a HC to fill two roles but when you need to make a change you pay for it.

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I know I've cited this example a lot recently, but Mike O'Shea's first two seasons in Winnipeg were dismal. They finished out of the playoffs both years.

Khari has given us a playoff team in two years. That's better than O'Shea who received a LOT of time and patience making mistakes before Winnipeg became a contender.

I agree that there are problems that he and the team need to address. I just think he should get one more season to prove himself. Teams are too quick to fire head coaches these days for my liking.


They certainly could go that route. I believe he has one more year to his contract, let him play it out. I just don't think it is in his DNA to be a mean SOB when required. Maybe they pair him up with a STC who is that guy for him.

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Exactly, he's got that year, so let him play it out. He's not stupid; he must know that either he gets the team over the hump in 2022 or he walks.

People aren't born knowing how to be great head coaches, anymore than players are born knowing how to play football. IMO Jones has done enough to warrant a third year.

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Cameron Payne had a couple of decent plays today and was hardly used.
I do not get it.


It's really a head-scratcher. He had at least one good game early in the season when Stanback was injured, but was forgotten for the remainder of the year.

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Firing the Head Coach would definitely not be a sound decision, although Danny may decide otherwise; he will most probably say that he gave the Head Coach good players, so they should have won. He will put the blames on everyone except him.

Presently, the Alouettes don't have enough good players to compete with teams such as Winnipeg, Hamilton, Saskatchewan and Calgary.

Many players will most definitely be released or not re-signed. Players such as Tony Washington, David Foucault are "finished". Almondo Sewell. although he is signed for next year, should be released; not worth the roughly $150,000 a year he's paid.

Danny will most likely keep Vernon Adams Jr.; personally, I would go with Harris even though he is 35 years old. As Sheldon wrote a few weeks ago, he could sign with Ottawa and come haunt the Alouettes.

We should know more this week regarding the Head Coach; the Alouettes don't have funds, like Les Canadiens, to fire coaches that still have a year remaining on their contract; yes, some coaches may be replaced, but I doubt that the Head Coach will.



William Stanback learning how to catch would give the Als more options on offense and present the opposing defense something else to be concerned about.

I would like to promote Bolduc to OC. Let him take over playcalling. Jones can continue to coach the QBs.

I would keep Adams and cut Harris loose. If we kick Adams to the curb, that's something we could regret for years to come. Harris? Meh. The other thing is that Khari runs an RPO offense. For that you need a mobile QB, and that isn't Harris.

I would be fine with Adams-Shiltz-Patterson next year.


If I am Schiltz. I don't even bother returning Jones calls.

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I still want to know what the hell happened after Shiltz got "injured." It was like the coaches decided he wasn't going to suit up again for no particular reason. I don't buy these "nagging injury that keeps player on the 1-game for 6 straight games" excuses. Same with Artis-Payne.


On aura la liste des joueurs admissibles au marché des joueurs autonomes prochainement, mais on sait déjà qu'on devra s'attarder à la ligne offensive. Ça ne me surprendrait pas qu'on libère Julien-Grant, ce que je trouverais dommage. Pour les quarts, je choisirais aussi Adams Jr. Harris voudra être partant et je ne trouve pas qu'il ''fitterais'' dans le système de Jones.

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The commentators during the game said he was 100 percent healthy. They chose not to dress him.

That is BANANAS.