Alouettes 2022 potential free agents

I read that the Alouettes have signed 4 of their offensive linemen to two-years deals. The players are: Kristian Matte, Philippe Gagnon, Sean Jamieson and Landon Rice.

Congratulations to Danny for extending these 4 important offensive linemen.



Really good news ! Those guys did a great job this season and they will probably acquired a LT to replace Washington

Using unused 2021 cap space on 2022 season on the Oline is Cap well spent

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Yes and Washington probably was the most paid Oline so we could use his money on a stud LT

Getting the O-line solidified for next year is a good move by Maciocia.

Let's hope that still unused 2021 cap space could be used to extend players such as:

Chris Ackie N LB
Eugene Lewis A WR
David MĂ©nard N DL 2 year extension.
Jake Wieneke A WR Like Menard, hoping for a 2 year extension.

Good that the President and Owner have allowed Danny to use 2021 unused cap to sign players that would have been potential free agents.

The QB position will be the main question mark in the 2021-2022 off-season. I know, the 2021 season is not over, yet, but nevertheless QB position will be a major topic and decision. Both Adams and Harris will have to reduce their present 2022 agreement, in order to have a chance to remain with the Alouettes. 1 of these 2 will most definitely play elsewhere in 2022.


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Bonnes signatures de Maciocia. Le noyau dur de la ligne offensive reste en place, ce qui nous permettra surement de libérer Washington, qui nous a rendu de bons services.

Writing on the wall for Tony?

I'm not so certain about that. Many teams have found a way to keep two quarterbacks happy. If both guys are satisfied With 350k. It could be doable. Vernon is the priority for me and most fans I think. Harris would be a nice to have but Shiltz progressed this year so I don't really see a QB problem.

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If Harris leads us on a playoff run, great. I'll be cheering for him all the way. But next year, it's still Adams-Shiltz for me. Both fit Khari's offense a lot better, both are way younger, and Shiltz actually progressed this season.

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