Alouette Schadenfreude: Pleasure Derived from Another Team`s Misfortune

I have to admit going to bed last night with a sly grin on my face.

I can`t remember a coaching decision as dumb as Rick Campbell conceding a safety allowing the Stamps to only require a FG to win rather than a TD. Collateral damage from the Duron Carter hit?

I wonder what Redblack players are whispering to each other about the decision.

Then there were the Argos being shut out with their 2 interception machine QBs looking far worse than any Als QB of the last 5 Years. Franklin better heal quickly, even though he will not necessarily be the cure for all the Argos problems.

Bottom line - Als in 2nd place, 2 pts. up on upcoming opponent the Redblacks with a game in hand.

Only human, sheldon. We’ve been the league punching-bag for the past few years. It’s nice to see someone else take a turn as the punching-bag, if only for a few games.

Yes, that was a dumb decision by Campbell. But, good for us! If we beat Ottawa next week (it is a very winnable game), we will have a nice lead in second place. Who would have thought this 2 months ago?! :slight_smile:

If Hamilton loses tonight, the Als will have taken a game on each of their division rivals without playing… Best by week ever. They have a giant horseshoe up their arz right now :slight_smile:

The choice he faced, I suppose, was whether a kickoff would push the Stamps significantly further back than would a punt … Leone is a distance punter which can mean potential for longer returns … but IF the decision made any sense in that context it was undone by poor kickoff coverage.

ALL THAT SAID … living in Ottawa, even if I wasn’t a Als fan it would share your schadenfreude

Not I :wink:

Its so nice to see you guys with just a little bit of hope and actually enjoying some of the season… lol. While I was watching last year, and even at the beginning of this season, I was almost afraid to post something positive, for fear of being roasted… which I completely understood, but its cool to see anyway… Whose ready to make their reservations for the Grey… Hound… I’m going to Chicago, I’m taking the bus… JKing of course.

SJ Green has been having a rough start to the season. I put a big part of the Argos issues on Chapdelaine who to me has been a bust as their offensive co-ordinator.


One of these days, S.J. Green is going to completely lose his mind or walk into Jim Popp’s office and demand a trade.

Granted, the future hall of famer has lost a step, but he hasn’t lost his competitive spirit and nor has he shrunk or lost his strength.

Of the many mysteries surrounding this 0-6 team whose offence is well beyond brutal, one can find Green and how the Argos are using him.

On most playcalls, he’s blocking.

In his six games, Green has caught 21 passes for 246 yards and zero TDs, which puts him on pace for his worst season ever for a non-injury season.

Two years ago, he had a career-high 1,462 receiving season.

Hmmm. With 652 career catches at the moment, not sure Green makes it into the hall of fame. If he does, players like Kerry Watkins and Jamel Richardson would also be hall of famers.

Great careers, but not HOF worthy in Johnny’s humble opinion.

Green avait aussi connu un lent début de saison l’année dernière, avant de se replacer à partir de la Fête du Travail. Je croyais que malgré l’absence d’un quart-arrière #1, la présence de Derel Walker allait permettre à Green, et surtout Armanti Edwards, d’avoir moins de pression. Malheureusement pour les partisans des Argonauts, l’équipe ne peut aller nulle part sans un passeur de qualité.

Marc Trestman doit rire dans sa barbe.

More Schadenfreude… Although Johnny takes no pleasure in the fact, but Masoli is out for the season. Can the Als actually compete for 1st in the East now?

To me what is interesting is that Hamilton chose Evans over Adams and Manziel.
Now we’ll see if they were right.

That’s a good point. We’ll see…

They sure can, tough luck for the Cats


We know they were at least 1/2 right :slight_smile:

That they were! :slight_smile:

While I think the Als were long overdue for a bit of good luck - and a few Ws!, I would never take delight in another team’s misfortunes. We’ve had plenty of our own and are still having it even now.

I would like to think that the recent successes are attributable to good coaching and players performing much better than expected. And in their last 3 Ws, the opposing teams were playing pretty good football at the time. so the Ws weren’t flukes.

I am sorry to see that Hamilton lost their starting QB for the season. We know only too well how difficult it is to replace a starting QB, n’est-ce pas? TO is having the same problems with the departure of RR.

So the upshot appears to be that the Als may have an advantage against Eastern teams for the foreseeable future. We still have quite a few games against the Western Conference, however. Any advantage is nullified unless the Als win. And lest we forget, a football player may only be one season- or career-ending injury away, and that includes our own.

I hope Khari and all the coaching staff can keep coming up with good O, D, and ST schemes and that we can stay relatively healthy going forward

I HATE seeing good QBs go down with season-ending injuries. It hurts them, their team, and the caliber of play in the league as a whole. I hope Masoli bounces back and makes a full recovery.

It’s kind of a crazy situation. We started the year at the bottom of the barrel as far as established, proven QBs go. A third into the season and suddenly we’ve got seasoned, experienced Vernon Adams and his nine starts. ;D

I have a lot of respect for Masoli and certainly derive no pleasure from seeing him go down. I also think Dane Evans is a quality QB and the Tiger Cats will continue to be a difficult team to beat.

But I admit I will again go to bed with a sly grin on my face thinking of Ed Harvey blowing his load on the Mike Reilly contract, and kind of forgetting you need quality players at the 23 other positions to form a competitive team.

The way the Lions keep juggling and patching together their o-line has made it impossible for Reilly to get into any kind of rhythm.

Harvey has also not recruited any quality Internationals the last 2 seasons.

For sure! I’d never accuse anyone of taking pleasure in a player’s injury, especially when it could be career-shortening or even career-ending.

But Ahole Hervey? Yeah, looks good on ya, pal. :smiley:

Douche player, douche GM in Edmonton, has sown a lot of bad karma. Happy to see him fail.