Alouette owner Ted Workman (1957 to 1967)

Does anyone know whatever happened to Montreal Aloettes owner Ted Workman.

He owned the club from 1957 to 1967, and was a 50% owner from 1968 to 1969. He sold 50% of the club to Joe Atwell in December 1967. Then in December 1970 Sam Berger, former owner of the Ottawa Rough Riders bought the Als completely 100% from Workman and Atwell

After that, Workman dropped out of the news and was never heard from again.

In 1962, Workman bought a large piece of land in Ville D’Anjou, and was planning to build a state of the art football stadium with 42,000 seats. However, he was never able to raise the proper cash or partners and by 1964 the project was abandoned.

At the time, people said the Als could not financially survive at McGill Stadium, and that’s why they eventually moved to the neew Autostade (long since demolished). At the time, Percival Molson Stadium could not be called Molson Stadium on TV, because CFL football back then had Carling O’Keefe as their major sponsor. So they called it McGill Stadium.

So whatever happened to Ted Workman ???/

I meant to say that Sam Berger bought 100% of the Alouettes in December 1969, not 1970.

Read this article and read the comment also.

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Wow i did not know that.

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Had no idea. Is there anywhere I could find out more on this? Planned/unbuilt venues are an interest of mine.

What a Royal POS this guy is. He must be 110 years old today. Might be the oldest turd alive.

The only way you can find out is go to a library that has all the back issues of the Montreal Star and Montreal Gazette on Microfilm, and do research on them from 1961 to 1964. I know that McGill University (McConnell Library ??) has it necause I used it in the early 1980's.

A very interesting fact about the possible new Workman Stadium (42,000 sears) in Ville D'Anjou in 1964. In 1964, there was a minor football league in the USA called the UFL (United Football League). Montreal was given a franchise called the Quebec Rifles, sincw Sam Etcheverry was their head coach. They played their home games at since torn down Delormier Downs Stadium at Ontario St. and Delormier St. At the time, Montreal was the only Canadian team in the UFL. Another team in that league was the Orlando Panthers in Florida. Their head coach was Perry Moss who caodhed the Als in 1960 to 1962, and was the Als head coach during the infamous Etcheverry-Patterson trade which killed the Als for a decade.

It was stated at the time that even a 42,000 seat stadium would not be big enough to host a game between the Etcheverry led Rifles against the Moss led Panthers.

The Rifles lasted only one year in Montreal. In 1965 they moved to Toronto to become the Toronto Rifles with Leo Cahill as their head coach.

Later in the 1960's Montreal had a team in the Continental Football league called the Montreal Beavers owned by John Newman. The quarterbacks were Dunn Marteen, and Ron Digravio

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habfan789 - Thanks for the info. Will give it a try.

Found some info on this topic a few weeks ago wih google newspaper archives. Several articles from the Windsor Star. The stadium was to originally seat 40,000 all on the sidelines. Stage two would add 12,500 in each end zone for a total of 65,000. Stage three would put a stainless steel dome over the whole thing with an opening in the centre which could be closed by a "parachute-like" roof. The 1965 Grey Cup was to have been played there. It would have "accomodated" baseball. It was all to be privately financed, and though I can't remembe the figure, I do remember that it seemed ridiculously low. But Workman could never get his financing lined up, the Als never hosted the Grey Cup and Workman soon thereafter sold the team. Sorry I can't seem to post a link, but just do a google news archive search for "Alouettes new stadium, and on page 3 (I think) there's a link to an article from the Windsor Star from June 15, 1963 showing a sketch of the proposed stadium, although the listed potential capacity differs from other accounts.

And another article from the Montreal Gazette for April 30, 1964. under a serach for “Workman Stadium”.

Thank You. I wonder if we will ever find out how old he is or even if he is alive or dead. He seems to have vanished into the shrouded mists of history !!

Workman apparently living in the Cayman Islands.

Gazette should send Herb there to do a story on him. :smiley:

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What could have been....It was interesting as hl ... big stadium plans everywhere, even for CIAU (CIS) football..all these plans the CFL and Canadian cities had back in th 50s-60s-70s when people still thought big. A d*ed shame nobody seems to think that way anymore. I wish I could post some of this stuff but google search does'nt seem to want let me. But if you take the'll be amazed.

Ted Workman died Grand Cayman August 2020

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Workman is infamous for the 1960 Etcheverry/Patterson trade which sent the Als into an abyss until the 70s. But he also had a hand in creating the modern day CFL by combining the Big Four with the WIFU, and the interlocking schedule. And he was interim CFL Commissioner in 1967 between Keith Davey & Alan McEachran.

So for these reasons his passing shouldn't have flown under the CFL radar.

Here is the funeral notice as well as an interesting article when he relinquished his share of the team to Joe Atwell in 1967,3818994&hl=en

Hey Sheldon - what is not generally known by the public is that Etcheverry pulled some highly inappropriate behavior, within the team, which meant his exit from Mtl was guaranteed and instantaneous!

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Well Lee, it would be nice if you could elaborate. I vaguely remember unsubstantiated stories of Etcheverry's extra curricular activities. But Moss his coach was certainly against the trade.

And then what the heck did Patterson do?

certainly not to be discussed in this forum I'll give you a call if I get a do we do this on the QT.

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I remember him well. He was nothing less than a disaster who almost destroyed the Alouettes. It was one of the darkest period for the team.