The CFL is not a league where american coaches can come here and have instant success-- Trestman was the exception but there are many other failures- Bart Andrus etc-

There is a learning curve and what you are seeing with the ALOUETTES is completely normal-- The ALS had 0 chance to beat CGY last week-- I mean they could play 1000 times and CGY would have won 1000 times-
The reason is this--

Hawkins-Miller-Verducci- vs HUFFNAGEL, DICKENSON, CAMPBELL--

Huffnagel was playing QB in the CFL and knows the CFL inside out- Dickenson played QB in the CFL--

HAWKINS knows nothing about the CFL and also Miller knows nothing either-

You have to sacrifice 1 or 2 seasons with a new coaching staff-- Look at WINNIPEG- Gary CROWTON from BYU is not working out either- Most of these american coordinators are not suited for the CFl style of play--

JAMAL RICHARDSON looks to BE DONE- RICHARDSON was never fast but it appears he has no SEPARATION AT ALL on offense- He cannot get open deep or short- He looks slow and cant rely on his big body anymore- Maybe because he had a kid he cant train and sleep and eat as good as before?

Its hard to be effective on offense when your playing with 1 less guy with Eric Deslauriers--

Calvillo cannot play QB in the CFL unless he is not touched and is surrounded by a FORTRESS of an O LINE- he gets happy feet and looks terrified of getting hit- Its clear that at this point he is just milking the ALS for a quick 300k per year to pad his retirement fund-
The ALS did not rebuild at all and there are not good 40 year old QBS in any league--

JIM POPP has done perhaps the worst job in the CFL at finding a good front 7-- Look at Winnipeg, BC, Edmonton, Toronto last year, SASK this year- All have dominant pass rushes with great linebackers--

Its clear that POPP couldnt care less about the ALOUETTES and is trying to get that NFL GM job- how many years is CHIP COX going to be there for? How about CALVILLO? How about bringing in younger players to replace the vets? How about some young receivers? How about some young pass rushers?
POPP is on the way out, and brought in possibly one of the worst coaches in DAN HAWKINS--

This CALVILLO situation is exactly like the BRETT FAVRE situation except the PACKERS were grooming AARON ROGERS to take over-- Mcpherson was supposed to take over but he didnt-
As long as MR.SELFISH is the ALS QB he will make sure no backup QB gets any game snaps because it KEEPS his job security and forces the ALS to keep resigning him and paying him his 300k per year-
If Calvillo loved the ALS ORGANZIATION like he says he does he would step aside and allow the younger QBS to start taking over- BUt he bitched to TRESTMAN and then MCPHERSON would not get a snap even if the ALS were up by 30 late in the 4th qtr--

The ALS are in rebuild mode and are trying to pretend that they can just bring in HAWKINS and MILLER and not miss a beat- They are trying to pretend that they will not miss TRESTMAN and Milanovich-

Popp signed a bunch of castoff free agents that were not wanted by their teams which is lazy GM job- GO and find the players like you used to before you started SMELLING THE NFL GM JOB--

I see a 5-13 season this year- Maybe 7-11 at best--

I think its time that POPP move on and a GM who is committed to the ALOUTTES and not putting the ALS second before his own NFL AMBITIONS-
Its clear - The players are mostly the same- but the coaching has changed, and also POPP is not committed anymore and that is having an effect on the team- SOON the players will start wanting the young BACKUP to start because its obvious that CAVLILLO is scared just like BUCK PIERCE and will DUCK and TURTLE at the first sign of any pressure--

Everyone in the east is tied at 1-2. How about y'all take a chill pill. I think we can win in Calgary Saturday unbelievable as that may sound.

Defence is great. STs are better and the O is a work in progress.

Happy to see Edmonton flounder and 23,184 in the stands for our last game. Weightman continues to earn my respect.

go als go!

Don't see any "progress" being made with respect to the offense. It's been shades of the same gong show for three games.

How do you see progress going from 31 points on the road to 10 and 7 points at home ?

Do you really think that a horrendous season by the Als will help Popp get an NFL job?
Do you think Popp doesn't know that?

While I agree that Jim Popp has not done a good job in bringing good talent on the defensive line, I totally disagree that he "couldn't care less about the Alouettes". Yes, he wants to find a good job in the NFL,but it is in his best interests for the Als to be competitive and for the new coaching staff to do extremely well. If he fails, he may have to kiss good bye to his NFL dreams.

I could be wrong, but I would not be surprised if Kuale is released this week,unless he's added to 1 game injury list. One player I would like the Als to sign is IMP DE Antonio Coleman, presently on the Saskatchewan practice roster. He briefly played for the Arizona Cardinals when Mike Miller was there.


So Gridiron, Are you suggesting that Al's are looking for a new receiving core.

This would seem to be the route to take if don't want to blame the coaching staff for any of the troubles.

Here is the most damning piece I've read yet and it comes from a guy who is never, ever mean or negative of the team. This is scary...

[url=] ... quil-fait/[/url]
J’ai très peu vu de ça depuis le début du camp d’entraînement. J’ai même très peu vu de jeux dessinés par Mike Miller qui ont épaté les observateurs lors des entraînements. En revanche des jeux destinés à être des 2e et sac du quart, ou à résulter en une longue perte de terrain ça j’en ai vu plusieurs. Si jamais les équipes adverses décidaient d’envoyer des espions au Parc Hébert on les reconnaitrait facilement : ils seraient pliés en deux et riraient à gorge déployée plutôt que de prendre des notes!
Read and weep.

If he saw Miller coach he might not want to come :lol:

I don't get that either, Like him or not, Popp is a straight shooter.

If it's that bad, Mr.Wetenhall and Jim Popp have to act now and not wait until July 25th.

Can Jim Popp have been so blind? How come these stories did not surface before now? At the mini camp in April,everything was extremely positive,at least from what we were told.

Yes, the release of a coach/Mike Miller will cost,but it will be much less than if there are a few thousands less at each future home games. We are talking loss of revenue ranging from $1.0 to $1.5 millions,excluding playoffs.

Jim Popp cannot stand still and must "plier sur son orgueil" and bring necessary changes.


That is an extremely precise, well-written, and damning indictment of Miller. And he's right. What exactly had Miller accomplished in the NFL? Nothing. He was the receivers coach on a stacked Arizona team, then a miserable failure as OC. Trestman had experienced success as an NFL OC, despite having struggled at times. Miller has simply proven he's a hack. And this is the guy Jim Popp hired as OC, even considered as head coach? Why? Because his resume said "NFL" and that seems to be enough for Popp these days. I don't agree with a lot of what Gridiron Guru wrote, but I do agree on this issue: Popp has lost interest/focus/passion in being a good GM. Time was when we didn't just sign a bunch of castoffs from other teams. Time was when we didn't need an NFL pedigree for every coach. Trestman, with his humility, was willing to learn the Canadian game, besides being a brilliant offensive mind. Miller is both arrogant and uncreative. As March aptly notes, he and Hawkins typify American arrogance. They talk a good game, but don't have the acumen to back it up with results.

Marchand's indictment of the practices is depressing in its clarity. Under Trestman, practices were razor-sharp; Trestman may have been a control freak, but he was a control freak for good reason. Players bought in and the result was good timing on the field. Hawkins and Miller can't seem to instill anything in walk-through or regular practice. Everything looks sloppy and predictable. No play in practice is ever impressive.

If Miller, at minimum, is not fired by the end of the month, you'll know 100% that Jim Popp cares more about not upsetting his NFL connections than doing what's best for the Alouettes.

At the end of this season, Jim Popp needs to step down. Let him chase his NFL dream down south. He's deluding himself if he thinks he can step into an NFL GM position without paying his dues as a DPP. So let him go be a DPP for an NFL team. Wetenhall should hire a younger, more motivated replacement, someone up-and-coming who is driven to make his name as a CFL GM.

Observations such as Calvillo "milking the Als" in spite of everything pointing to the contrary or him "bitching" Trestman (no idea what that means or what you are advancing by writing that), Popp "not caring about the team" he is managing and for which he will be ultimately judged on, are comical (perhaps intentionally so).

Other observations are difficult for me to understand. Two of the most successful head coaches in CFL history were Americans with no previous CFL experience. Both happened to coach our Als. Based on what I have seen to date, I do not foresee Hawkins being successful but it is certainly not because he is an American with no prior CFL experience. To "sacrifice one or two seasons" with a new coaching staff" is a stupid proposition and one that will not be followed by Popp.

Unless you have had access to the coaches tape or have attended all games in person, I don't see how you could possibly conclude that Jamel Richardson has lost a step. It is impossible to tell on TV given the de facto emphasis on the ball which Richardson hasn't caught very much. You cannot follow his cuts, breaks and post patterns from your living room as any WR will be excluded from the screen unless a pass is thrown his way (and even then, it will be after separation has occurred).

I am surprised that you would ask how long Chip Cox is going to be here for. He has only remained one of the best cover linebackers in the CFL for the last decade. He can be here as long as he wishes if you ask me. I am certain every other team would love to have him.

Finally, I have a hard time seeing how you can say the ALs are in "rebuild mode". You can suggest they should rebuild by writing that they should replace AC, bring in young receivers, getting rid of Cox, Richardson and bringing in new players but that is not the reality. Looking back, the offseason approach was to add veteran talent to a weak seconday (something that has worked in spite of the suggestion Popp signed castoffs), remodel the special teams by infusing young Canadian talent (also a success - see Verdone, Boulay, Edem and Lumbala's ST impact) and bring back all components of one of the best offenses in the CFL (this has not worked and blame should be laid at the feet of Miller/Hawkins/Verducci/Berry and to a lesser extent Popp himself as he hired them).

I don't like the comments that imply that Americans are arrogant or incompetent, that's simply not true and Its offensive. If we didn't have an American owner we'd have no team. Half our players are Americans. When you hire 11 people in any business or sphere. Your not going to bat a 1000. Especially when the hiring season is over. Maybe there was/is hope that Miller would learn quickly and to edge his bet Jim and Bob hired Doug Berry to guide them. So you can blame Jim but this was the probable scenario when Trestman walked on the team this winter. Overall the hires have been solid.

I think Hawkins management of practice time and his game management have been poor, Miller and his staff on offense are a victim of that and not getting up to speed quickly enough about the game up here. I think those are the two main issues for me. Like I mentioned releasing Porter it was clear that these guys didn't understand the value of experience at the QB position. There are maybe 10 guys on the planet that can run a CFL offense and we cut one of them :roll: Porter may not have become a starter but he is experienced was excited about coming to Montreal and has shown well coming off the bench. We could have used him twice already this year.

It's been rather quiet on the Als front,since last game; furthermore, no news on Scott Flory from the Als.

Something cooking? We will know soon. Anthony is close to Mr. Wetenhall and he may/must have spoken to him; if Anthony is not satisfied/does not think that it will improve, Mr. Wetenhall will act sooner than later.


Thorn Bicep, they will no more on Monday. if its a slight tear he would be out 4 to 8 weeks if the tendon and muscles is thorn he will need an operation and will be out for the season. Sadly if its a complete tear. I think he will call it a career.

I'm not sure what the solution is on offense. Berry did nothing in Saskatchewan and is guilty by association and there is no one out there who is unemployed and could be up to speed quickly, there are maybe three guys out there and none have ever built a good offense. (Lapolice, Bellefeuille and Barrett)

I guess everything is a matter of perspective.

The GM of the team that is 3-0 has built his team the last couple of years with "castoff free agents" - Picard, LaBatte, Anderson, Weldon Brown, Simon, Foley, Ferri, McElveen, Renaud Williams, etc.

Gridiron Guru I hope you realize your Lions d-line features Keron Williams, Eric Taylor, and this year Julius Wiliams. Plus your o-line has probably the king of castoff free agents, Patrick Kabongo.

And for those on the constant complaint brigade popping off about offing Popp, I hope you have given thought as to a replacement. Joey Abrams? Eric Tillman? A young up and comer with no CFL experience? :roll: That type of thing is really working out well.

It was easy to say good riddance to Trestman. I guess he would look pretty good on the sidelines these days.

Ce n'est pas tout de dire ce qui doit être changé. Encore faut-il dire par quoi le changer.

As a whole, yes it is true. I'm not saying all Americans are arrogant and/or incompetent, but that annoying idea of American exceptionalism -- WE are the greatest country on God's green earth, we are the best, whatever we do is the best -- finds expression in too many coaches who venture up here thinking hey, it's just (American) football. If you're an American like Trestman, you come in with the right idea: stay humble, learn the game, and approach your new job with humility. If you're like Hawkins and Miller, you breeze in spouting cliché instead of actually sitting down to understand what makes this game different from American football. It's definitely informed by American arrogance.

So you can blame Jim but this was the probable scenario when Trestman walked on the team this winter. Overall the hires have been solid.
1. Yes, I can and should blame Popp. There was no need to hire Mike Miller, a guy who had been nothing but a failure in the NFL as an OC (by contrast to Trestman). You want to hire an unproven guy? Fine, at least hire a guy who's won as an OC. Or poach a position coach from another CFL team and make Hawkins a co-OC as Trestman was.
  1. Uh, what? Hawkins is clueless, Miller is awful, Verducci has murdered an all-star O-line, and our receivers can't get open for beans (Campbell), and "overall", the hires have been solid? Don't see it. The best hire so far is one that Trestman must have been involved with: Thorpe.
I think Hawkins management of practice time and his game management have been poor, Miller and his staff on offense are a victim of that and not getting up to speed quickly enough about the game up here.
And that's incompetence coming from two American coaches who evidently thought CFL games were glorified scrimmages and that they didn't need to practice. A coach who can't manage his practices efficiently and install his system in a short span of time isn't very good.

And on the Berry comments, he guided Durant to 5000 yards passing in SSK and Glenn to 5000 yards passing in Winnipeg. And he likes working with pocket-passers. He also knows how to coach an O-line. We should have simply hired him to be OC and O-line coach and passed on Miller, and for that I hold Popp 100% accountable. What was so desirable about Miller that made us give him the job?