Alouette Jersey


A new Alouette fan here. Just started studying at McGill this autumn, and got hooked with Canadian football and the Alouettes.

Anyway, I want to buy a jersey to celebrate the championship. I checked Boutique Alouettes and the price is $180. Rather steep, I think. So, my question is that price is a normal one for a Reebok jersey? Is there any place selling them for less? I don't need it to be the high quality. A knockoff is OK, I guess. As long as it has the player's name and number.

The second question is a matter of opinion. Which one is better? Calvillo or Cahoon? Also, red or white? Red is their main jersey and therefore their "mark", but white has big MONTREAL proudly printed on the front.


The "red" is their home jersey
The "white" with Montreal across the chest is the away jersey.

The only place that I know of that sells Als stuff is l'equiper(known elsewhere as Marks work warehouse) but their prices are the same.
Check out the shops along St- Catherine's street when the season starts. You might get lucky

First off, welcome to the forum newcflfan.

Regarding your question as to who would be the better choice (Cavillo or Cahoon), you really can't go wrong with either. Both are great players at their respective positions and are class acts all the way.

I absolutely agree with Crimson Fox. I personally, have a Cahoon jersey, but I have met and adore both players tremendously. Had Cahoons' jersey been sold out at the game I decided to buy it, I would have bought Calvillo, hands down, then picked up a Cahoon t-shirt at a later date. As for prices, I bought mine at a game and it was 110$. It's a knock-off (not stitched) but I love it. It's so much fun to be wearing a players jersey, then go to a game and have them get a TD, or do something to have the announcer say their name. It is especially fun with Cahoon, as all the announced has to say is "numéro 86, number 86: Ben" and the whole stadium yells "Cahoooooooon."

I want to offer a different angle on your choice, if you want to buy now. Calvillo said with confidence that he would be back next year. Cahoon is still on the fence, and one poster here even wrote that there was a possibility that he would retire next year.

That was what happend with me and my Koivu sweater. Late in the last NHL season I bought one with the "C" and 100 years patches. He was the captain, who would have thought he would be traded?

With all the changes they made, I think you would have been screwed no matter who's jersey you picked up.

I received a Tracey Ham jersey Christmas '99. Sadly, I never got to wear it to a game that he played in.

There are two types of jersey one with stitching and one with press numbers... Go with the press numbers from the team, you can get them at any game, those are the best.

as for a player get your favorite player no matter if he will be around for a long time... I have a Chiu jersey that i ware with pride, but i also have a Habs jersey with newsy lalonde on the back. so just go with what you want, Cahoon, Calvillo and Chiu will not be in another teams jersey so you are good there.