Alouette Head Coach Press Release

The Montreal Alouettes today announce that we will not be hiring a Head Coach for the 2014 season. Instead in our determination to more closely interact with our public, we will be selecting a fan to coach each game.

Interested parties should send a brief essay on why you should be Head Coach of the Montreal Alouettes. A panel will select the most impressive entry prior to each game. Furthermore, the lucky winner can bring along a person of his choosing to act as offensive co-ordinator.

We are proud to offer this precedent setting ultimate engagement with our fans and look forward to a successful season.

Ha! ha! Good one, Sheldon!

Well, we've all had our kick at the can on this one. Maybe it is time for those who have opined on this issue to step up to the plate.

Jim Popp has been a terrific GM with a nose for talent. This is what contributed to a competitive and exciting football team for more than a decade. As a coach? Meh! I don't know whether it is a question of money for a new coach, but we don't have the right man at the helm for the 2014 season.

I stated that my expectations were low last season; they are really low this season! I still hope that the team will find a good HC, and soon.

Peut-être que Popp m'engagera si je dis que j'accepte une clause voulant que je ne sois pas payé si je suis congédié avant le 6ième match de la saison et que je lui promets, noir sur blanc s'il le faut, que je vais démissionner avant le mini-camp du printemps...

.....Just from what I've read on this site...discipline gets my vote for hc....No offence to hfxtc or MadJack,,they can be in an advisory capacity though :lol: ...Good one Sheldon and you'll probably win more games with discipline behind the bench than the current guy :lol:

No offence taken papa!

I'll volunteer for defensive coordinator. . HfxTC for offensive coordinator, perhaps?

And these guys will work alot cheaper too papa!

LOL, thanks papa. Coaches are hired to be fired, though, so when (not if) I get canned, I'll recommend you as my successor...:wink:

Shiat no ! I'd make Joe Galat look like a god. I'll be the Waterboy.

I'll be Offensive Assistant! I'll show that Dinwiddie how it's done. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Instead of Gatorade we will serve purple Koolaid :smiley:

Puisque personne ne veut le poste, je serai sous-assistant-adjoint aux unités spéciales.

But can you fill out a billowy track suit???? :smiley:

Thanks LeStaf ! We'll throw in a bottle of

To Bling your tracksuit.

Oui, s'il n'y a qu'une seule ligne à l'habit.

Is Touche's spot available?! If yes, can I apply? :wink:

Did Senior Ah You quit ?

He may be off to the Red and White....

I'm going to piss myself if he INVADES cflhorsemen.