Alouette Have Plugged DEfensive Holes of Last Year

Tonights game against Winnipeg proved that this year the Als defense will be able to win games.Last year the offense did the winning and the Als lost The Grey Cup.Jim Popp has brought in fine defensive players such as Kai Ellis,Cox,McKay to name a few.The Als have the defensive line,linebackers and the defensive backs to go all the way this year.Tonight although Cavillio and company shined in the second half,the defense played super football the entire game.They are fast,tough and lead the league in almost all defensive stats.

absolutely agreed.
3 pts allowed in 2nd quarters and then allow only 1 more

what containment :thup:

Al's D is impressive, but not the #1 d in the league, Winnipeg has that honor w/o the bad ref calls.

KaI Ellis looked really good out there. The rest whatever.

yea cuz montreal just shines in 2nd half mostly 53-4 points allowed

53 1st half
4 2nd

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :cowboy:

Scary to think about it too...Mtl has the best defence in the league at the moment and possibly throughout the season and let us not forget Sanchez has not started a game yet...

Let me tell you about scary....

Our defense last night was missing not only Sanchez as a starting CB but his backup Brightful, so we were going with essentially a third stringer at that corner (Kent, but didn't he look good?)

Our defence was also without our starting MLB (Mackey, but Taylor and Ellis filled in admirably...Sir Charles certainly didn't run all over us, mind you with that patchwork O line the Bombers ended up with no wonder).

We were also alternating two rookies at one DE spot (Acholonu and Bowman) because Truluck is still out.

When fully healthy, this is one scary defence.

why would you even make this kicked the snot out of a 5 - 13 team from last year....I guess you are just the best thing since herpes.......

Show them some respect you Pig. They were a 5-13 team last year yes, but coming in to this game they were 3-1 and fully deserving of that record.

And no, we didn't, as you so classily put it, "kicked the snot out of" them....we beat them yes, but the score I suggest to you is inflated due to abysmal officiating.

Wait a minute. Before this game, everyone was singing Winnipeg’s praises and predicting a Bombers win. Now, after ONE loss marred by poor officiating, they’re back to being a hopeless 5-13 team that a group of trained chimpanzees could defeat? Give me a BREAK. Winnipeg is a very dangerous team this year and one game, in which they lost three O linemen to injury, isn’t going to change that.

thank you MJ and dandp......those were exactly the replies I was hoping to see.....I just wish certain fans from the Eskimos and Stamps were as perceptive as you two.....

Last year, D was problem unit. O was fine/

This year it's reversed. I'm hoping that they get it into gear. Because no matter how good D is, they can't win every game.

It's esp frustrating because there hasn't been a lot of changes to O this year. AC still calls his own plays; he still has most of same receivers. RBs and O-line are the same.

So what gives?

I was impressed with Bowman on the line. Seems like a quality back-up d-lineman. The Als are now pretty stacked on the d-line. I guess that when you can afford to play a great DE at MLB, your line is not a problem anymore.

So far, I've been impressed by the entire D-line, except maybe for Achonolu. Bowman looks good. Romero looks great. Philion and Stewart are playing like the elite defenders we know they can be. Even Clinton Wayne is showing something. I'm with Third: when you can afford to play Kai Ellis, a perfectly good rush end, at middle linebacker, your D is all right.

The only person in the secondary who's still worrying me is, you guessed it, Crutchfield. Guess who got beat on Winnipeg's only TD on Saturday? I hate Crutchfield.

Yes, I think most all of us have a problem with him...unfortunately the Don seems to like him and his opinion is worth more than all of ours put together.

Frankly, with Sanchez, Brightful, and Kent, I'd be quite content to see Crutchfield released.

At the very least, put Crutch in the backup spot so Brightful and Sanchez are your starters. Oh well, the D is playing great right now, so I guess there's no need to tinker with what's working.