Alouette Fans In Montreal Take Note

Hey Johnny and all the others.

I know this should be in the OT section, but I am putting it here as it will receive more attention.
I am sure football is the last thing on the minds of the people of Montreal.

I just need to say to the Alouette fans living in Montreal, my heart and prayers go out to all of you.
To all the people of Montreal and surrounding area effected by the flood conditions.

Being in Calgary and living through the flood myself, I know what a hard time this is.
What is shown on tv and reported by the media is nothing compared to seeing it upfront as I did.

This is a very emotional tough issue to deal with and I wish all of you, your friends and family all well wishes.
Business, people, property, pets, schools ...... all of it.

Stay strong, healthy, safe and positive.


Brian Hindman
Calgary, Ab

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My 69 year old mother is right in the middle of the worst of it. Sewage floating all over the place, nasty...

Thanks for the good wishes Brian.

I`m thankfully not affected, but pretty nasty for those who are.

Sorry to hear that Hf, hope she ok after all of this. Hope anyone affected by these acts of nature come out as best as possible, difficult situations for sure.


My home is now in the Ottawa river. Been battling this flood for over 3 weeks. Chest waders to get in. But it is looking like she might have peaked. I have inches to go.

Well numbers are reported 2400 homes damaged and 1500 displaced.

The news here in Calgary is focused on a young couple and their daughter.

Trying to drive across a water filled road then swept into the river.

The woman managed to get to safety, while her husband and daughter did not.

Rescuers found his body while air and ground searchers are still looking for the 2 year old girl.

Horrible . How will that young woman cope ? 2 innocent lives gone.

Nature can be cruel. I can not even think of words.

[i]Thanks for your best wishes Brian! :thup:

Johnny's home is ok, but a mere 5 minute car ride away, people's homes have been flooded. :cry:

To HfxTC's mother, pikk, and others who are unfortunately affected by these floods, Johnny wishes you all the best.

Be safe and be well. [/i]

Yes, VERY sad. Take care.

I should have posted with more respect. The names of the victims.

The man is Mike Gagnon and 2 year old daughter Daphnee
He was with his girlfriend Kim, not wife as the Calgary media mentioned.

This happened in the Sainte-Anne River.

From what I am hearing and seeing on the news, the Montreal and area flood is much worse than the Calgary and area flood in 2014.

WOW just WOW.

Clean up and recovery is going to be long and tough.

Starting to go down a little. I was so close to losing everything. Time to start the clean up.

This deluge lasted for 3.5 days. Just before it happened I realized I need a new roof. Last Friday rain began to seep in through some windows in the kitchen and we noticed some water marks on the ceiling of our family room which is a room under our bedrooms. We had just signed a contract for the roof replacement. At this moment the roofers are putting on a new roof. We were fortunate to get help so quickly during the deluge of three days as the roofing contractor sent over a person who was able to stop the initial downpour and, we were able to survive the long weekend without a serious problem although some repainting is in order.
The scientists were correct, we have/will get this and more so as future storms will be much more severe as the future dictates. We know several homes where basements were demolished by flooding although areas around Ottawa were completely flooded out. Yet Trump and is Republicans still maintain there no such thing as global warming. I recall when George W Bush was just made President of the US, a reporter asked him about GW. and what were his views on this. His reply was " Its bad for business."Sharing a border with the USA many of in Niagara used to regularly cross over to Niagara Falls New York to do some shopping. As long as Trump is in office, few in Niagara will be doing this in the near future due to our soft dollar. The American border patrol is really cracking down on Canadians with roots in countries that are deemed Axis Of Evil countries and, it can to tough on the children whose parents came to Canada from these areas of the world. I visit New Zealand often of my as one of my sons lives there. The quick way to get to that country from the Toronto airport is from New York City. With the present problems in the USA I prefer to ravel to NZ via Vancouver despite the several hours extra this requires. Until the end of the Trump era, I'll be staying out of the USA.

Lets not blame CC yet. I am hearing hydro is the culprit or the dept of oceans and fisheries. My understanding is hydro knew this was coming and did nothing and say they were told not to drop the level because of fish stocks.

As far as I know the damn in question is Up river from the floods

Nobody blamed Trump, The Russians or Chemtrails yet ????


[i]Montreal – The Montreal Alouettes proudly announced that the team has collected more than $4,300 during the official fund-raising drive event, occurring Friday in downtown Montreal. Added to the initial $5,000 donation by the club announced earlier this week, the Alouettes are excited to donate close to $10,000 the Red Cross Spring Floods Appeal – Quebec.

Many of the Alouettes’ players, including Kyries Hebert, Tyrell Sutton, Boris Bede and Jean-Samuel Blanc, were on hand, collecting funds and meeting with the many donors in front of the team’s administrative offices at the corner of Ste. Catherine and Robert-Bourassa. The administrative staff, the cheerleaders and the mascot Touché! have also united their efforts to help those affected by these events. The Alouettes General Manager, Kavis Reed was also on site, amassing donations, shaking hands and thanking in person the generous crowd.

The Alouettes family wish to thank the many donors for their kindness and generosity. Those who graciously answered the call have been invited to attend the preseason game on Thursday, June 15 as the Alouettes take on the Ottawa REDBLACKS, exactly one week before the 2017 season opener against the Saskatchewan Roughriders at Percival Molson Memorial Stadium.[/i]

#AlsMTL?Verified account @MTLAlouettes May 11
Tomorrow, our guys will raise funds for the flood victims. Give 20$ or more and get 4 tickets for our preseason game. #AlsMTL

It is going down. It was close. But now the clean up begins.