Alouette fans go to the game to get action, so to speak

Ok Als fans, I was just watching The Score and some guy in a white ball cap starts trash talking the Als saying the only reason people go, and most are university kids, is to get laid and he actually said most people who go to Als games don't care about the team. WTF? The guy has a hate-on for the CFL it seems, I think he is just peeved off because it's a Toronto network that wants the NFL bad and knows their chances are bad after the Bills-Fishy game that had next to 0 atmosphere I've heard and realizes that most people in southern Ont. who want to get that NFL experience will go to games in Buffalo. They guy I'm sure is 25-30 years old but came across with how he spoke like a 13 year old kid, his manner of speech that is. I can't believe the network would have someone on like this, an embarrasement to them I would say.

Well, maybe that's why that call that network the Score.

True enough Mad. A cutie brunette co announcer with him, I’ll admit.

So, that must mean ro1313 is keeping secrets from us Eh?

I'll have to fly out there to see if its true! :wink: :wink:

The guy is Gabriel Morency BTW who sleeze-bagged the Als as I was mentioning above.

that guy is a goof. i've seen him a few times and it always makes me realize that the score will give a job to any one who wears a ball cap backwords and calls a basketball a 'rock'

PS. i've been to a few games in montreal and i never got any post game action out of it!? WTF! :cry:

Too funny pabst, ah there is more to life than getting action as I've been told. Hmmm, true, not true?? :wink: We all want women who have a brain on their shoulder, right? :cowboy:

....i would prefer that a woman have a brain in their head....but maybe that;s just me....Sounds like all the action in MONT. ain't just on the field...but then again....I really knew that........Earl there anyway that you can think of to shorten this off-season?????? :lol:

I like a brain too pap, truth be told. Right now all this snow shovelling is making the off-season pass, pass with a sore back and shoulders, have to get me a snow blower one of these days. Oh well, what can we do, it's Canada.

Then you're doing it wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:

But this wouldn't surprise me... that city of overflowing with attractive women. But where'd all the "I want a woman with a brain" stuff come from? Are you guys insinuating that female football fans don't have brains? ... Or just the ones that are dumb enough to hang with the guy running his mouth on the Score?

Everytime I surf past the Score I see poker, which unless i'm missing something, is not a sport. Not like billiard and darts, ooohh what sports those are. On Top Gear they'd call that Score guy a 'Cock' who drives a 'cock car' and wears 'cock clothes'

Chief, just talking women in general, nothing to do with sports or The Score's. Passing time, your girlfriend or wife should be your best friend I think along with your lover. And a best friend, for me, is someone who I can talk with about just about everything, just about anyways but some would argue you should be able to talk about everything with your wife, maybe true?

Gabriel Morency used to work the late night shift on Montreal radio on the The team 990, before he left Montreal "for the centre of the universe"
He never had anything good to say about Montreal and used to put Gainey down all the time for doing nothing and keeping all his young players (which produced the #1 team in the Eastern conference last year).
The guy is a total goofball who puts on a macho radio voice and caters to teenagers and WWE crowd. He totally plagerized his on air persona from a guy in the states (that I can't think of right now).
We don't miss him in Montreal!

Hopefully The Score will dump him and send him to wherever, now after this comment when I see him on the The Score (after I get a good peek at that gorgeous brunette of course!) I turn the channel.


OK, 1st time I’ve been on here after receiving a email today about this post!

My 7 year opinion of Gabriel Morency!
Gabriel actually promotes the CFL Huge to a CDN audience but to mainly a USA audience on Sports Rage on Sirius Satellite radio Ch 98 latenight. NFL is his Biggest Sport but CFL he likes it alot. He like many of us has issues with the way the CFL is run and as a radio guy he may come across negative at times towards the CFL but I know he likes the CFL alot and the Alouettes is his team after living in Montreal most of his life.

He did it hard at the Team 990 in Montreal and grew a cult following and then for a period from Montreal he also did a late night radio show to Vancouver market. Get it? From Montreal he also knew lots about Vancouver sport, a great effort I think! The Team radio in Vancouver helped him little if at all.

I believe he has made it Big in Toronto the past 1 1/2 years on The Score and Sirius. He is Hardcore, says it the way it should be and I rate him as the best Sports radio guy in the World just above Jim Rome in the USA and heard hear on Calgary’s Fan 960 and some other CDN stations (Thats the guy I think a poster above was referrring to)

After I was in the changerooms after the Als defeated the Eskimos at the 02 Grey Cup and produced a TotalCFL TV/MYKwebTV show with the Al’s players, Morency invited me on his radio show. I’ve stuck with him, being on his Sports Rage show most weeks mainly Friday nights for 7 years now, many times talking CFL because I luv it!

So to the negative guys about Morency of course I respect the right for anyones opinion but Morency is Wicked!!! Give him a chance and I’m confident you will like his Hardcore honesty Sports and “Life” opinions!

BC Lions to again rule in 09!

Myk Aussie

Fair enough Myk. I'm not saying he isn't a CFL fan or doesn't promote the CFL or whatever. All I'm saying when I was watching the Score that night when I heard him say that Als fans are basically a bunch of university students going to get laid, and I actually think he used that word or something very similar, I lost respect, it shows no class and made him look like a goof. When they pan the stands at Als games I see lots of older people there just out for a good time at the ballpark I would say.

I don't mind him saying the CFL was garbage with the way they administered this and that or whatever, how they handled this or that. Heck, I've had big issues over the years ie. Gliebermans for example. Fortunately I think the worst days of CFL administration busts are far behind us now, I hope. But when you take to the fans who pay good money to go to games and say something which I think is totally inaccurate and slimy, I draw the line. I want an apology from him to the great fans of the Als.

I guess Morency went home alone that night....