Alouette Defence

Am anxious to see how the Als defence starts the season.
Apparently Trestman is taking a more hands on approach with the defence. We should see a much more aggressive style - more blitzing, more man coverage. Its been said the other teams have had 6 months to study the Als in the off-season, but Im certain Trestman & Co. were able to study film, self-scout and work on adjustments.
The 2 new DBs, Parker and Brown will have to perform. And Emry and the run defence up the middle are still a concern until proven otherwise.

Oh I'm with you there Sheldon...............a more aggressive defence, more man to man, and more blitzing is just what the doctor ordered.

My concerns, however, are the same as yours.........bit of a risk going with not one but two rookie HBs about whom we know precious little.....I'd feel a lot better if Samuels and Drew were starting in those spots...........but then again, who knew Randee Drew when he first arrived? Maybe these 2 rookies will surprise us.

And yes, the run defence might be problematic, what with Emry at MLB and Claybrooks gone with no real replacement.

Totally agree. And I like the move of Cox to strong-side LB. I think it is a more natural position for him and suits his ability as a tackler (also gives him the chance to blitz). We'll see what happens but I am optimistic about this move. Emry...........we'll see. It could be a learning curve but the magnitude of the personnel changes to get him there suggests that he has made a significant impact on the coaching staff and has earned this starting role. Time will tell. First test will come tomorrow night against the Stamps. :rockin: