Alouette Assistant Coaches

That's a good idea :lol:

Les Bou! Bombers ont embauch√© leur entra√ģneur des quarts-arri√®res

Pendant ce temps, à Montréal... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Andr√© Bolduc et Jean-Vincent Posy-Audette ont √©t√© embauch√©s comme entra√ģneurs. Bolduc sera entra√ģneur-adjoint √† l'offensive et Posy-Audette a √©t√© embauch√© comme entra√ģneur volontaire.

Herb saying Anwar Stewart interviewed for the LB coach position but did not get it.

I would have liked to see him stay with the team in some capacity. He seems to have the temperament and enthusiasm to be a coach.

Effectivement, Stewart a un bon leadership, deux tonnes d'expérience, trois camions de bon sens et encore plus de respect. Mais peut-être en faut-il davantage pour pouvoir remplacer Mark Nelson? Il ne faut pas oublier que l'élément central de la défensive de Thorpe, c'est justement les secondeurs. Ce sont eux qui déguisent la couverture et la pression.

Pierre Durocher a écrit cette semaine que Verducci ne revenait pas. Le poste serait-il offert à Flory?

Scott wants to keep playing and I can't blame him. I'm sure Ottawa would be glad to have him for 150k...

Our former o-line coach Jonathan Himebauch has landed in Edmonton with added title of run game co-ordinator.

Why the eff couldn't we have interviewed him? Himebauch did a good job coaching our O-line for three years and was on the point of being Milanovich's OC before he bolted south.

I love Anwar, but he's a former rush end, not a linebacker, and he's a coaching neophyte. It's quite possible that other candidates were more qualified. That said, I really do hope that Anwar ends up in the Als coaching ranks some day (D-line coach whenever Willis leaves?).

What's heartening about this tidbit: at least we're interviewing LB coach candidates!

He might have been one of the guys Jim had lined up... When HIggins got the gig he looked elsewhere.

Lots of good stuff here, in particular the interview with Andre Bolduc

If I understood Bolduc`s interview correctly, it seems Speckman has not been at the offensive meetings with Dinwiddie, Campbell, and Bolduc, and that Higgins is deciding his future.

Could be a number of reasons why he wasn't there. Could be he wants to get fired, could be that he had prior engagements. Or that Jim asked him to hold off. But Higgins did use the term "he would hire most" when he commented on the staff in place.

There's also the issue of Ben Cahoon which hasn't come up at all. Herb said Montreal had made him an offer in November but it couldn't be finalized until the HC situation had been resolved. Well, now it's resolved, so what happens? We already have a receivers coach (Campbell). Is that it for Ben, or does he come on board at another position?

Well we can't have three guys working with receivers. Andre Bolduc said helping with the young receivers will be his job. Maybe Ben will be the Offensive Coordinator ? He's got two years as a position coach at Utah and his guys were doing very, very well. Lost his job when the new HC brought his crew in. I could see Ben able to handle this with Higgins help.

I was thinking about Ben as OC as well. He lost his job through no fault of his own and he did good work down there, by all accounts. He's always been a cerebral guy. And (let's be frank) his religious beliefs are right there in the pocket with "Ned Flanders." It seems like a great fit to me.

Il me semblerait assez audacieux d'envoyer Cahoon imm√©diatement comme coordonnateur √† l'attaque. Il n'a jamais √©t√© entra√ģneur chez les pros, et n'a pas beaucoup de bagage comme entra√ģneur, m√™me si son passage √† BYU a √©t√© fructueux. On l'a vu l'an dernier, la marche est haute entre les rangs universitaires et la LCF. Personne ici n'a √©t√© impressionn√© par le travail de Campbell et Speckman. Dickenson a √©t√© entra√ģneur des quarts-arri√®res avant d'√™tre coordonnateur √† l'attaque. Je crois que si Cahoon devait s'amener comme entra√ģneur, il devrait lui aussi faire ses classes.

Dickenson didn't go coach two years in Div1 ball. Who would you suggest they hire ? Doug Sams ? Who almost got Mike Reilly "killed" with a lack of running game and long drawn out plays that went nowhere ? Mike Kelly who does not believe in the Shotgun in the CFL ? Its March there is quality OC out there with CFL experience. So whoever they hire will be new to that position. I'd rather a coach with two years successful experience as a positional coach in the NCAA and 12 years HOF career in the CFL under some great offensive coordinators than a rethread who's failed everywhere or a Mike Miller who's first job is to read the CFL rulebook. Just my opinion.

Placé comme ça, ça se tient et je dois avouer que je ne vois pas non plus quel génie offensif amener pour coordonner l'attaque. Ceux auxquels j'aurais pu penser sont tous embauchés ailleurs et à ce temps-ci de l'entre-saisons, les candidats de qualité ne pleuveront pas, j'en conviens. Dans une certaine mesure, je me demande si le fait qu'aucun candidat crédible (Cortez, LaPolice, Chapdelaine, Jones, Crandell, Moore) n'ait pu être embauché n'a pas contribué à la mise sous contrat de Higgins.

Je m'interroge aussi sur la venue de Bolduc (bien que je m'en réjouis parce que ce gars-là a beaucoup fait avancer le programme de Sherbrooke avec peu de moyens) qui va somme toute partager le travail de Campbell. C'est comme si on voulait déjà avoir une solution de rechange à son sujet.

Il demeure que si Cahoon devait avoir ce poste, je me demande quelle autorité il aurait sur ses hommes, eux qui auraient tous plus d'expérience que lui dans le métier.

Now that would make some sense having Cahoon as OC. Certainly has the experience with the league and as a coach.