Alouetta and other pregame music

I had to laugh when, just before the Als came onto the field, we played this really wimpy version of Alouetta. Very well done. It didn't help us much but it was a very nice touch. Wonder if anyone else noticed?

But what's with all the rap prior to the game starting. I don't get it. Other teams play rock and roll and we play rap. I understand that they may be trying to appeal to a younger generation, and I can live with some rap but enough is enough. Look around, everyone is in their 40s-50s and 60s at least where I was sitting. Play some music for us...please

8) Well, at least the Montreal Cheerleaders were here today.
  They sure appeal to any age group !!!     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

yes I agree with you there. :lol: :lol: :lol:

What I thought was most amusing was that one of the Als cheerleaders lined up outside the visitors' lockerroom decided to dance along and have some fun with it. :smiley:

The Argos play that music too. It ain’t no thing for us Als fans. :cowboy:

obviously not. In fact it probably just gives the Als more incentive to kick our butts. :lol: But all in good fun....

Oh, definitely, it's all in good fun. Even I had to laugh when the Argos trotted that "Alouette, gentille Alouette" music at an Als-Argos game I attended in 2009.

I believe they use a lot of the rap during the "warm-up" time for the players so they must request it.

Yea I think you might be right about the players requesting it, but it bugs the hell out of so many fans and does not get them into the game. Time for a change. The fans are the paying customers and don't deserve to have to listen to that stuff for the whole warm up.....

But what about all the fans that it doesn't "bug the hell out of"? You know, the ones who actually like rap music? This is such a superfluous thing to be complaining about. It's pre-game music, it's really not something even worth complaining about.

yea I know it's not a big deal, I just think they should mix it up a little

More geezer music that's what we need waltzes and fox trots, we sure played like it :wink: :oops:

I really like the quote from somewhere in my past…
Rap is to music as etchasketch is to art.

Also have you noticed all the letters of rap are in order in the word crap?

And, too, at least our music was not full of foul language and violence.

I'm with you wheezer.
I don't think we are talking waltzes maybe a little Rolling Stones, Zeppelin, Springsteen... would be nice once in a while... "Start me up" would be a good one that I think they use in other stadiums... Sweet Caroline is a favourite of some Western team (can't remember) that gets the fans all joining in...

Andy Warhol called, he wanted you to know that your outlook on visual art is as unsophisticated as your outlook on music.

I'm not a big fan of rap, but I'm also not arrogant enough to think that only music I personally like can be art.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not “Sweet Caroline”, please. I really can’t stand that song, or much else from Neil Diamond. Or Springsteen, for that matter.

As for rap, definitely not my favourite style, but I do tolerate it. And some I actually like. It’s more like poetry than music, and the rhythms and lyrics I find quite intriguing.

Is it actually rap they’re playing, hip-hop or techno? Just curious.

I think it is a mix of R&B and some rap. I know they used some Eminem on Labour Day.

Geeze safetyblitz, sorry I offended you. Snort.

Go play with your art books and listen to your brain numbing "music".

Actually I like some of all genres except rap; and if I dont like what I hear I turn off the hearing aid. What a relief.

So what's the problem then? Your hearing aid's off switch doesn't work at Ticat games?

Switch works fine for me, but does nothing for all the others who don't enjoy the rap music or the volume.

Guess it's a good thing though that there are thousands of others at the game or we wold have no tteam and you couldn't wange on me for not liking your choice in music.

End of discussion no reply needed.