Alot of talent doesnt even get drafted

Theres enough talent that we could have 2 to 3 leagues in America.....Alot of top talent will never get drafted or get a free agent contract in the NFL.I think America could use a spring foorball league playing like 12 games or so then a 8 team playoff.Any new league would do decent in the early spring and summer months

For once I agree with you Ohio.

Now NFL teams are allowed 90 players going into camp, so each team has numerous undrafted free agent signings.

Of course only 53 players make a team and only 46 play on Sunday with up to 8 more players on the practise squad.

Most of the competition, beyond 43 or so players per team including the punter, long snapper, and kicker, is to play on special teams.

From the 90 going into camp that leaves 32 x 29, or over 900, players at the beginning of the season at minimum, taking out a few as on injured reserve, who are available to play anywhere else plus any other cuts during the NFL season.

For the first time ever in playing Armchair GM for the 2012 Draft including picking out the dark horses in the search for the next undrafted star such as Victor Cruz or Sam Shields as I chose in 2010 (along with admittedly some busts), all the players on my lists were either drafted or signed.

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Above for ease of reference are most of the players picked up as free agents over the weekend to fill rosters with up to 90 players per team to go into camp.

A few of these dark horses will be stars, and each year I make a game out of picking them as Armchair GM.

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Here's a great article with comments by NFL bust Rashaan Salaam on exactly why even the best of players with all the advantages do not make it in pro football.

By contrast beyond discipline and hard work, including also smart work, is why a few underdogs make it in the NFL and in life.

It's great to see one of the many NFL draft flops come around to this understanding and now try to teach younger, talented players not to make the same mistakes.

I believe he was on the Bombers neg. list at one point