alone in south side stands

Rather chilling news that any remaining hurdles are now with the city and negotiating the stadium deal or lack thereof a deal.

Had to be a huge factor in previous years business losses,

-paying too steep a price for a game by game lease that strangled the team's finances, week in and week out.

  • the lack of concessions income was another huge hit for the club and likely still to be a factor unless the Aramark deal drops dead.

  • No team store for fans and the lack of gear for those who may actually want to support a football team.

  • No off season site to hold organized team activites due to the soccer guys and the dome which holds dictatorial control of the place from December through May. Imagine your O-linemen being chased away from working out by soccer geeks, that would have to build some great team morale.

Unless there is some major drive within the city officials to revamp in a major way all these unbelievable obstacles with the park/stadium regarding controlling expenses and key term here "profitability" chances you'll have a very tough time getting anything successful happening.

If you are getting fleeced with your stadium costs and you have to win over a highly disgruntled fan base with no real guarantee anyone would actually come leaping back to welcome the CFL with open arms and loving embraces, it will be a tough act to pull off.

While we hope the Ottawa city officials have some tiny glimmer of intelligence to get a working deal going, we tend to be a bit skeptical...

And that is a shame, not so much for the league but for all, well any remaining fans that still might actually be there.

At least all the great open communication coming from league sources and the new potential ownership group is comforting and is keeping the local market alive.

Say, that name rings a bell...did you happen to be tossing a football with a short French guy in a Frank Clair endzone right around this time last year? :wink:

It was a crisp clean Ottawa day and an air of excitment rippled through Frank Clair stadium. The QB, looked over the Defense sizing up the possibilities, he shot over a quick glance to his trusty slotback, who merely put his head down and started into motion…

Rolling off the snap executing a perfect pivot his favorite receiver drawing double coverage, the QB fired off a rocket into a space that didn’t exist and JF physically hauled in the pigskin. It was a catch for the ages…and thirty years after “the catch” the local product now knew what to do.

Tucking the rock away he hammered through the defenders and as he neared the goal absorbed another huge hit and yet would not be denied the major that day diving into the endzone and rolling up the pack of defensive backs as the echos of cheers rang out like an explosion from the canal up Bank Steet.

Walking off the playing field, blood dripping off his hands, a small price to pay for glory and fame,…
JF headed toward the locker room, beyond the endzone, along the fence a small fan watched…

JF slowed taking the vista of fans, TV vans and muttered “hey kid” and casually tossed the football to the young fan.

…and a super hero was born !


Yep! That's exactly how I remember it too!

Good to see you here. I figured the name was unique enough that it would have t be a big coincidence if it was someone else, but I figured I'd check.

Interesting to roll back to see these stadium comments after the “expansion deal” has fallen through.

It also takes me back to the town hall meeting and JJ giving those assembled a warning about the suspension.

"if they take this team away now, it won’t just be for a season, or two, it will be gone and it will be a long long time before it comes back if ever…

Those words seem pretty accurate with about a years hindsight.

It will be a better league with an Ottawa team, hopefully that happens, …some day.

Ottawa needs a new 30K Seat stadium with like 40 LUXURY boxes.

A Lease that is at the lower half of the league, like 1.25M per year

A top quality Store and top quality concessions area. Both being directly being controlled by the team to maximize returns.