Almost Time

It’s almost time for me to return for the '05 season. I just want it to start now. This season is gonna be a good one for me. I will be in Calgary, Edmonton, Regina and Ottawa when the Lions visit plus my season’s tickets for all the home games. So glad the schedule makers made it so convenient for me to go cheer on the Lions during my cross Canada trip. Unfortunately I have to go to the Banjo Bowl since my buddy I’m going with is a Rider’s fan.

Come say hi if you see a Lions fan among you. Maybe we can have a few beers.

Believe me we’d love to have a Labour Day game each year, but with 9 teams we are the one’s always left out. :cry: Bring on the East Coast team and lets get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmble.

who cares about the Banjo bowl, the battle of alberta is where its at.