Almost time...

Well another season is about to begin. Hopefully this will be the one that sees the Cats achieve a winning record and finally making the playoffs. Obie has done a good job in nudging the team towards a winner in the offseason by strengthening some key areas, the offensive line in particular. I know fans have expressed concerns about the D-line, however if the offense can stay on the field longer then the defense will have significantly less pressure. I like Bellefeuille. I know he's not proven as a head coach but I like his mannerism and work ethic. The guy is intelligent, upbeat and devoted. He leads by example and I feel earned a chance to be head coach. The assistant coaches for once are a plus. These guys know their stuff and will be a tremendous asset in close games. As far as the players go we have definitely improved not only through the offseason acquisitions but also through the maturity that only playing experience brings. There will be less wide-eyed rookies out there this year which will hopefully translate to more points on the board. Finally, regardless as to how we do I think we need to be thankful that we have Bob Young as the team owner. I don't think there is a more down to earth guy out there. How many people in his position are willing to be humbled by admitting to have made mistakes? Bob does not have an air of aloofness about him that so often can accompany people with wealth and position. I feel that I could easily talk to Bob over some nachos and a beer. He has stuck it out with the Cats and us the fans through some horrible seasons at cost to himself not only financially but no doubt emotionally in the hopes of bringing the Cats back to their former glory. You’re a true fan Bob and I for one am glad you’re our team’s owner! Good luck Cats!!!

Nice post, I would also like to thank the unsung hero that is Bob Young, but also Obie. His amazing knowledge of the CFL has brought us alot closer to a winning team, and we may have it this year, who knows.
Good luck in '09 Cats,
Proud season ticket holder