well gentlemen of the CFL forum!!..

we have upon us, very soon another CFL training camp! (barring the owners don't smarten up..)

Even though I live in Edmonton and truly cannot cheer for the Eskimos, I still enjoy going to watch training camp and taking in the atmosphere of another start to the Football season!!

I have on Youtube video from the last two Eskimos Training camps (2009 and 08) and there will be more this season as well.

I am so looking forward to seeing who makes the teams and who gets cut!

I remember last year, watching Jesse Lumsden during the camp and wondering if he was going to make it.. well, he was a few weeks later than I thought but he didn't and now he's on the outside looking in.

I'd love to have an opportunity to go see the Riders training camp but unfortunately, it was not meant to be.. not able to take off for a weekend to Regina.

anyone else have something to say about their teams Camps? thinks you look forward to? any traditions you have? :slight_smile:

I wish the Argos training camp was in toronto not mississauga other than I can't add much, just excited that football will start up soon.

I think it's time you updated that piece on the bottom there Ugo..

missing some grey Cup victories..

Those numbers are how many chicks he's nailed in the various CFL cities. I still say he should count the one in Shreveport, even though he discovered "she" was a he.

They should really see if they can move their camp from UTM to Varsity Stadium and use the St. George campus' facilities. There would be a lot more attention with all the pedestrian traffic in the area.

I don't know if this would be possible given things seem pretty busy around U of T and the Varsity Centre even in the summer and the priority is definitely for the students.

LOL, if that was the case my numbers would be much higher in Toronto and Montreal, and please drop the Hamilton ones. I am trying to forget them.

Those are grey cups won in my life time. I got tired of people talking about how great their teams were cause the won more grey cups. Like ti-cat fans that claim 15 titles even though they had two teams competing for the Grey Cup (tigers and Wildcats) back in the 1940's and 50's.

that list is the same for me, except there is 1 less Grey Cup for Edmonton.. so I was born a year later.

AS Long as there no lock out or strike

Yes sir, just about that time to get this party started!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin:

I'm not a morning person unless its been work or school, so i tend not to make it to watch much or any of training camp. I should try to walk over to Clarke a few times this year if we have some nice mornings for spending outdoors. Its a sure sign the excitement of summer is here all the same!

just so you know, they're holding it IN commonwealth this year... :slight_smile:

The EJ article on this site's news page suggests they're still at Clarke:

"The Eskimos will be based out of Clarke Park for training camp, which begins Sunday, June 6. A mini-quarterback camp will start Friday, while rookies report on Wednesday, June 2."

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