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just a friendly reminder that the NFL season is quickly approaching! I noticed 60,000 fans at the Green Bay inter-quad practice the other night ... while Edmonton drew almost half that 32,000 for its supposed heated cross-province rival, regular season game.


it was raining

Yah lots to do in Green Bay. Ever notice how big the crowds are for such games in say, NY or Chicago?

If the biggest claim to fame is that they draw huge crowds for meaningless soft-hitting inter-squad contests, then I'd rather live in Oakland.

American population = approx. 300 Million
Canadian population = approx. 30 Million

You do the math ...

I love the NFL as much as anyone but please don't compare apples to oranges.

  • paul

i think its more appropriate to compare the drawing area of each team... not the size of the country.

TorontoIsMyHome - show me a single regular season CFL game that was played in Canada that had 60,000 people - rain or shine. Then show me the most people that ever showed up to a CFL practice ... i guarentee it can be measured by the dozen.


Actually, Im looking foward to this NFL season.. I just may try a few pro line tickets to see if my hunches can pay off for me.

From this very website.....

October 11, 1985

An all-time single game attendance record for a regular season game at B.C. Place Stadium in Vancouver is set as the Winnipeg Blue Bombers defeat the B.C. Lions 31-10 in front of 59,478.

It's not 60,000, but it's damned close.....

wow! 60k for a regular season game ... and ONLY 22 years ago! Thats awesome .. a little surprised even. lets see that happen for a BC lions practice!


...why the need for constant reassurance that your favourite brand of football is better?....

The real question is…who gives a damn?

The only people who prefer the NFL because of the bigger crowds are the ones who are insecure and need others to share their interests.

60,000 is impressive, but what does it really matter except for those in attendance?

When it was is irrelevant, put out a challenge - can't re-neg on the terms after the fact.....

Why do you even bother with the CFL?

I think that the problem is not so much the population per team, its more of a marketing problem.
I think the CFL could get larger crowds if they marketed themselfs better.
Saskatchewan for example has over 10 times less people than Toronto yet they draw better.
Go figure.

Since when do they draw better?

toronto drew bigger crowds than saskatchewan in 2005 and 2006 and has drawn bigger crowds than them so far this season

so i would have to agree with torontoismyhome

2005: ... &year=2005

2006: ... &year=2006

2007: ... &year=2007

morons the only reason saskatchewan draws smaller crowds is because the capacity is only 27, 000, The rogers center is 50, 000 +, yet the CFL's worst fans only manage to draw 25, 000 on a good day, Toronto fans are horrible, because its the leafs or nothing. Hamilton for example can draw a near sell out crowd when they are winless. 2 years back i went to a game at ivor wynne against winnipeg when the team was 0-8, and the crowd was near sell out. it's just the type of fan the city has. and it turns out, Toronto fans are the worst.

I am talking Saskatchewan vs Toronto on a per capita basis. However, Saskatchewans attendance has been consistant. Torontos attendance my be good but it changes each season. I want Toronto to do well. Trust me , I wish all teams the best.

...this sort of opening gets you instant credibility....good work soldier...

Statik, lest you forget, last time I checked hockey is Canada's no. 1 sport as deemed by most Canadians and others throughout the world, probably the only country in the world that has hockey as the uncontested no. 1 sport. To even think that football and the CFL, not the "major" leagues as many think, can rack up numbers in this country that are quite decent in their own respects and often even outdraw a "major" league baseball game, is really quite phenomenal. I mean it's weird, I like the fact you are saying 60,000 turned out for this in GB, it's great. I'll add that 92,000 showed up for an Alabama Crimson Tide spring intra-squad game. Maybe what you mean to say is that Canada is too focused on this hockey stuff when football, gridiron or soccer football, is THE game in most of the rest of the world and Canada should jump on the bandwagon more. Hockey played in an arena even with 20,000 can't beat a football atmosphere, especially when the people really take to the game like in the States or soccer in Europe with crowds that just love the game as the no. 1 sport in their country. We have some of these people in Canada, like myself for example, but not enough, most would rather be stuck in some arena cheering on a bunch of guys skating around on a piece of ice with a piece of lumber in their hands, glorified roller derby I say, I don't get it. Hockey is a good game but no thanks compared with football, especially as a spectator sport, do you agree?

I don't get why you or anyone want to trash football on either side of the border, to me that just means you aren't a true football fan in your heart. It's all football baby from kids leagues to the pros, either side of the border, 3 down, 4 down whatever. The name of the game is hitting, contact, blocking, running, passing etc. Heck, I even stop at playgrounds when I see kids playing the game and watch. Why? Because I am a true football fan, get it?

Oops, forgot, since you're talking NFL, the Vikes are going to crush the Pack led by old man Favre this year, the Pack are nothing, Favre doesn't have it any more.

One more thing bud, if people stopped going to CFL games and stopped watching on TV with the league running itself decently, like it is now, then that is not a reflection on the CFL or football, what it really would tell me is that Canadians are too dumb to realize what a great sport football, 3 or 4 down, is. Of course this isn't going to happen because I have faith in my countrymen that although many have been hit by a few too many rubber pucks in the noggin, there still is some grey matter left to know what is the truth. :wink: