Almost guarantee 3rd place in Western Division

IF Lions win 1 of last 2 games, they can only finish THIRD in Western Divison (with 18 points) (even with EDM win their last 2 games, Lions will win tiebreaker)

If Lions win both games and SASK win their 2 games too, Lions will have 20 points and guarantee 2nd place!! (because this would mean CGY lose their games against BC and SASK).

If Lions win both games and CGY beat SASK in last week, Lions will still finish THIRD unless SASK loses to HAM.

If Lions lose both games, they can either finish THIRD (highly unlike because EDM should beat TOR), 4th and go to crossover (very likely because WINN plays HAM that means one of 2 teams will lose) OR 4th and miss playoff (not likely because you need either WINN or HAM to win both of their games).

ANYWAY......75% chance Lions will finish 3rd and play on the road in western semifinal.

haha, you know your stuff, but yes, if winn or ham lose there game, bc can cross over for sure, and those 2 teams are playing each other, so were definitely in the play offs your saying?

Thanks, Stanley Cup for providing the different scenarios. Looks like B.C. will be in the playoffs one way or another but after reading this morning about the injuries [Reid out for the season for example] the team will have its work cut out. Several of the starters will either be out or playing injured. It looks like B.C. gave up more than top spot when it lost the game against Saskatchewan over the weekend. Wally must be having some bad dreams as he continues with his juggling act. I wish him well.

Do you know if JJ is healthy and ready to play again? Because he would be a good back up to have.

Yes JJ is ready to play. But look like Lions will lose in semi-final to either CGY or SASK

Well i wouldn't say that either . Thats why we play the game. We weren't expected to win in Sask last year in the Western semi. The Lions have won at least two Grey Cups in their History by finishing Third. Its been proven that finishing first or getting home field advantage in the Cfl playoffs means nothing today like it used too.

I'm sitting here at work and decided to kill some time looking at the odds on finishing 2nd in the West and I figure its around 21%.

This is assuming:

  • BC vs Cal is a toss-up and there is a 50/50 chance either team could walk away with a win
  • Sask vs Ham favours Sask by 60/40
  • Cal vs Sask is another 50/50 game
  • BC vs Edm favours BC by 60/40

If all games are 50/50, there is a 19% chance we hit 2nd. The most optimistic estimate is 30% chance (in the order above, the games are 60/40, 40/60, 40/60, 60/40).

Anyway, a home playoff is a bit of a longshot but it is not out of reach.

haha, good job bigglesworth, thanks for that information ! :slight_smile: