Almost got into it...

I almost got into with some d-bags tonight. I was at the Palasad with a buddy watching the Montreal game. A commercial came on for the CFL draft, and some guys were like, "Ohhh, it's the CFL draft." They were saying it in a real mocking tone...

I was wearing my yellow Eskimos hat. I turned, and was about to say something... but my buddy held me back. Probably a good thing since I was working on my 7th beer. :lol:

I'll tell ya, for the rest of the night, I was complaining about those guys. I kept turning my hat around so they could see the EE symbol.

...boggles my mind. The CFL is the one and only truly Canadian league, and yet still people insist on ragging on it. And the sad thing is most of these clowns don't even watch the league. They just make fun of it cause it's "ccol" to do so.

Generally, I let these idiots go... but tonight, I would've thrown down. :lol:

it truly isn't worth it anymore. they're uneducated boobs. they know squat and think it's cool to insult something if their friends don't like it.

it ain't worth getting tossed in jail over some idiot nflers

If you switch from a trilight beer to an extra light trilight beer you could probably down a dozen before getting ornery............just sayin....

but what if you are ornery to begin with :wink:

just sayin... :smiley:

Hey, I ain't as old as you, FYB... not yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

For once, cfl, I actually agree with you. Totally not worth it. Like you say, these clowns know nothing about the CFL. They just rag on the league because it's not the NFL.

what city did this happen in? toronto?

if so im not surprised but if happened in edmonton, i would be because the esks are like the team that draws the biggest attendances so somewhat surprising a couple drunk morons would mock the cfl draft.

Happened in London, two hours from TO.

Can you beleive it ! they will let anyone into a Chucky Cheese. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Chief and his buddy

That's pretty close, actually...

Hey Chief, let it go, not worth your health. My experience is most of these pansy types couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag so they have to rag on something to make their puny egos feel big.

Its not their fault, they are just brainwashed by the NFL propaganda machine (Canadian branch) :thdn: IMHO if the NFL cared about football in Canada, they would help promote the CFL, not NFL games in T.O.!!! P.S. Chief Looks like thats the Labatt Skunky horse pee plant :oops: :thdn:

"So the plan is I'm gonna KICK that guy's A$$ man"
"That's a plan?"
"Yup, and then you and I...we're gonna giv'er"
"awesome bro, that's the plan"

Next time , take berezin with ya so he can ride shotgun... :lol: :lol: :lol:

…i’d of backed you up chief…maybe i’m not as good as i once was…but i’m as good ONCE as i ever was…course there might have been a lot of knee kicking and running like hell afterwards :rockin:

…they were probably nfl wannabees in that neck of the woods… :thdn:

LOL ! I'm getting mental pictures of pieces of dentures flying everywhere :wink: i've still got my own teeth.....well at least most of them....but you might be right... probably wouldn't have any after the 'grey power' slap-down... :roll:

i was there after 7:30.
when were you there?

I can relate to this. Sunday a buddy and I were quenching our thirst in a local (Lethbridge) pub when he mentioned to the bartender that the CFL draft was coming up. The bartender says "I'm only interested in real football". I asked him if he ever actually played the game. "Well, no...". So I said "Then you don't really know what you're talking about, do you?". His jaw dropped and he shut up the rest of the time we were there.

i was at a table with a couple friends. i was wearing a blue adidas zip-up sweater with white stripes down the sleeves.

at the table behinds me, there were, maybe 4 guys, one wearing a habs jersey. at the bar, there was a drunk guy with a sharks hat. those are all the people i can remember.

i didnt notice any eskimo hats, or i definitely woulda said something....probably an oskie wee we or argos chant to get a rise outta you.