Almost free tickets to tomorrows game in Toronto,

Found this on the Argofans web site.
....anybody "on the fence" because of price doesn't have an excuse now!

[url=] ... ets#p40626[/url]

Thanks Frugal! I tried it and worked no problem. $2.50 per ticket - limit of four.

They were giving tickets away for free at my school, unfortunately i have a baseball game that day.

Nice Deal

Going in with Friend.

My niece is graduating grade 8 tomorrow night, so it's the radio for me.

Great deal, though.

Thanks for the info. I just picked up 2 tickets. Total cost was $6.50 for 20 yard line. Good deal.


Link is active...

3:00 pm and I just got off the line with ticketmaster... the deal has NOT expired. Thanks for the information Frugal. It appears the link has re-opened.

HOLD IT... the link is now active again!!

Thanks!!! 3:07 pm. It worked!!!