Almondo Curry

Seems that Curry hasn’t showed up to training camp. On the Als official site, the position chart shows Crutchfield on one corner, and Malveaux moved outside to the other corner. Anyone heard what gives with this? I thought Curry was a real find last year.

He went to the National League

National League? Do you mean the NFL? The reason he came back to the Als was because the NFL team he was trying for wanted to allocate him to NFL Europe, which the CFL-NFL agreement prohibits. As far as I know, he’s still with the squad and NFL tryouts are over. It would be a huge loss if he is indeed gone. I don’t have much faith that Malveaux can be an effective corner given his performance at halfback last year.

Curry will be arriving 2 days late to training camp because he said he thought the flight was Saturday from Virginia when in fact it was Friday. Popp and Matthews are not impressed. He changed agents in the off season and he wanted to play in the NFL but has no choice but to play in Montreal this year.

The way I heard it was that just the tryout in it-self was against the CFL-NFL agreement so they tried to send him to Europe to get around that clause but the NFL said nope, I could be misaken thought