Guys… we lost to this team? seriously?

Great game, great result! :slight_smile:

Cue the Manziel to BC or WPG rumours! :o

East is there for the taking…again

Let’s see if JJ can put this thing together for an extended period of time.

So much for the advantage TOR and OTT had by playing against MON three times in 2018, while we only play them twice.

Pipkin is Richie Williams who learned how to throw a football.

Hard to believe! The larks D has looked better lately since they aren’t on the field for most of the game (about time they got some return from those high-priced free agent signings!) and Harris continues to run hot and cold. He sure WASN’T hot tonight!

Guess we can thank the larks for
a) playing terribly a few weeks ago when the Ticats came to town
b) beating BOTH the “blew” team who was nipping at the Ticats heels AND the OTTRBs who were trying to run away with the East. So much for putting a “stranglehold on first”!

We beat Tranna twice (at least) and Ottawa twice and the East should be ours! (Wouldn’t hurt to steal at least a game from the leos and take down the larks again too! The horses - well they’re still a tough nut to break but who knows - they’ll be playing in OUR barn!

Both Harris and Nichols in Winnipeg seem to be very inconsistent. World beaters in one game and then one-hopping passes in the next one.

I’ll take it. ;D

That's testing my memory, but wasn't Williams slight of frame? Pipkin seems to be a solid body that pushes forward for the run a la Masoli with no fear.

I am/was a Manziel fan, but glad to see that if he succeeds it will be more due to character and hard work. I want him to know this league is serious, and it's showing.

The Redblacks are very beatable. We only lost to them because of dumb penalties/turnovers.

We need to get hot now not only to try to catch Ottawa for first, but also to stay ahead of Montreal, who have now found their QB, who are playing with much more team confidence as a result, and who are starting to get hot/gel at just the right time.

In relation to suggestions that Manziel may now be on the trading block, I don’t think that happens this season. If Pipkin gets hurt, who is Montreal going to play?..Shiltz? Mathews? Wily? That hasn’t worked in the past, why would it suddenly work now? Also, realistically, after Manziel played at a level far below Pipkin in Manziel’s first two starts, what would Montreal get for Manziel in a trade? I’d say one second round pick, tops. Probably a third rounder. I think Montreal is stuck with Manziel, and Manziel is stuck with Montreal (on the bench behind Pipkin).

If Pipkin gets hurt, who is Montreal going to play?..Shiltz? Mathews? Wily. Having a solid back up did not stop the Cats from trading him.

Only because the Cats believe Dane Evans can do just as well as a starter as Manziel could have. Does Montreal think the same about Shiltz, Mathews and Wily? I doubt it.

Look out Cats, the Alouettes are only one game behind you for the last playoff spot!

No more backing into the playoffs, hoping for other teams to be losers.

You, cats, have to take control, or you will be wondering, what happened??

Starts with Masoli, needs to improve that TD to interception ratio, 10-9 will not cut it in the second half; nor will a 4-5 record!

Execute, execute execute!

He learned, from one of the greats at it, in his back-up year ('16) in Ottawa.
Quoting the words engraved on the inner side of those BIG R Grey Cup rings --“Thanks Hank.” ;D

What a difference a week, or actually just one game, makes. We were looking at playing TOR while they played MTL and thinking it was an advantage week for them. Now, they’re facing going to BC and SSK, while we get TOR back-to-back. Things are suddenly looking sooooooo much better.

Tip of the hat to those who laughed me off the board when I suggested a couple weeks ago that RBs aren’t as good as everyone thinks…

pretty sure we were all too busy being depressed about the state of the team that lost to saskatchewan twice and ottawa in sequential weeks

I’ll accept your half apology, Espo! 8)

Montreal’s defence stood up when they needed to. Harris had little if no time to pass. Tiger Cats control their own destiny starting on Monday evening.

Adams. If they ever figure out why he’s on the 6 game IL.

I’m still depressed about losing to a team without a Qb, twice.

Kyries Hebert suspended two games, reinforces reputation as game’s dirtiest player