Alls-Argos-Saturday-the big O

It's gona be amasing

I was hoping to go into it with a 2 point lead but-----

Hope you fill the Big "O"

Question...since you sold last years turf to BC Place....Did you buy new stuff for this game(s)? Somebody speculated a few months ago what they were going to do....Alzheimers is setting in....refresh my memory.

yes, feildturf

I'll be there in section 133 (Alouettes side at the 45-50 yards line). I,m not sure how many tickets have been sold so far but I really hope the Big O is full. I wouldn't be surprised now that we're playing for 1st in the east.

Whats the max. capacity of Olympic Stadium for football games?

Theoretically it can hold more than 70 000. The most it ever got for a football game was 69 083 interestingly enough in an als argos game on september 6th 1977. The biggest crowd ever there was for the olympic opening and closing ceremonies which was more than 73 000 people

I think the maximum possible for Football now is 54000 these days unless they add seats for a Grey Cup or something.

Capacity: 43,739 (baseball); 56,245 (football)

While looking for the capacity I came across this
Salon Montreal and cocktail room
There are three floors at the top of the Montreal Tower. On the first is an Observatory, on the second is a cocktail room, and on the third is the Salon Montreal. Each of these floors offers a stunning view of Montreal! Out one side is the St. Lawrence River, and out the other is Montreal's cityscape and the fabled Mount Royal, with the Laurentian Mountains in the distance.

Day or night, this is a breathtaking panorama, stretching 80 kilometres in clear weather. These rooms offer a warm and sophisticated atmosphere.

The Salon Montreal's cachet makes it the perfect spot to hold a banquet, business reception, wedding reception, training seminar, meeting, press conference or product launch. The cocktail room is often used in combination with the Salon Montreal for drinks before a reception…

First I hear of this.
I have been up the tower a few time but never knew there were halls that could be rented

Any clue on how much to rent the room in the tower. Would love to bring a convoy of Bruins fans up there and rent that room and throw a party. Imagine that!

It didnt say.

Here is the link

It says to phone (514) 252-4737 for pricing information(in french)

That is strange because I was reading the English site and why I put the link and tested it it gave me the French site. I repasted and tested and it came up in english. Its back to French again
Lets see if this works.