Allowable helmet contact while hitting the Quarterback

This weekend I witnessed two pretty blatant helmet to helmet contact tackles of the quarterback. You could pretty much pick up the contact from the game sounds as well as just seeing a big hit. After the whole hubbub of Perry hitting Dickenson, I was expecting a flag or at least comment from the announcers on it. There wasn't much at all, if anything. Thus, my question is "does the type of contact matter". I believe Perry's head was down and hit Dickenson in the shoulders/chin area. These two hits (one in the Hamilton/Sask game, and one in the Winnipeg/Calgary game) were more helmet to helmet but both heads were up so it was facemasks that hit. Does this change the outcome (e.g. penalty)?

If the head is down, it is considered leading with the helmet. If the head is up (as it always should be for good tackling) it is not considered leading with the helmet. Thus, usually no penalty.

I'd really need to see video to tell you what I think happened.
But generally, any contact with the QB above the shoulders is considered to be roughing the passer.
Perry got one against Hamilton where he barely touched the QB and was flagged.
Helmet to helmet should have been flagged regardless of whether the head was up or down.
But, if as BigU says, the tackling form was good and the player went into the tackle with his head up, then the point of initial contact is what matters.
In the Dickenson/Perry blow, Fred kept his head up, and contacted Dave in the shoulder area first, and then his momentum caused some contact with the head--no penalty.

Anyway, I don't recall anything too controversial in this regard from either game you mention, but if you can zero in on when the calls(non-calls) occured, and ask ro nicely, maybe he'll post some art, and we can take a look.

Lets protect the QB more.... NO!!!!

lol, those should not be counted as penalties.

There was a penalty called in the CGY-WPG game in which Walls was called for Roughing the QB, because a Stamps OL pushed him to the ground and he fell(completely accidently) into burris.

There are also so so many times when a QB receives all this extra protection when he gets hit when he runs/scrambles.

Sorry QB's should NOT receive any protection if the run unless they slide feet first.

Similar to how in Hockey a Goalie should receive no protection if he plays the puck away from his Crease.

You have protection in your zone where you are "vulnarable" when you leave that zone you leave that protection, tough luck you know the deal.