Allow me to introduce

Here he is, the newest and biggest Als fan.
He joined club at 9:01PM on Dec 23rd 2005
Here he is at the ripe old age of 18 hours
My nephew

AW, he is adorable! Congrats Ro1313!!!!

Merry Christmas!

Alright, another Als fan, Merry Christmas!
Congrats Ro!
I can see some Cahooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn in him, but I guess we have to wait 20 years or so!

congrats Ro.. he is really nice teach him well so he is the best of fan. Merry christmas

Congratulations RO. He is cute! I know his hands are small right now, but there's no time like the present to start the drills. Get a Football in those little digits now...and see what happens in twenty years :wink: :lol:

Congrats again, 1313.....I'm sure the Riders will still be looking for that new QB in twenty years.....we'll keep the little gaffer in mind.....

Look at the cute little baby.

Sorry, I had to do that. Congrats!

Whats a better Christmas present than a nephew. When he cries just pass him back to his parents. See listen to my list here ro1313. The first couple of years you really don't have to influence him on football, just maybe put football on a few times when he is around. Toss him a football. After a few years get him into soccer, i know true football fans hate soccer but this gets the young one his coordination. Another good sport is gymnastics or karate. Ask any football coach the best sport for a young kid is gymnastics helps with strength and flexibility two of the most important things a football player needs. Don't really get him into pop warner till about 7th or 8th grade. I coach younger kids and i will tell you they don't have a clue what they are doing out there, and are likely to get hurt. When your little nephew hits high school then have him start with sprints and weight training. Next thing you know he will have the top colleges in Canada and the US knocking on his door. If he develops into an average player hey at least he got a free education out of it, and if he is more talented it means an early retirement for ro1313 and that means trips to go see him play in the cfl or nfl. I will drink a Molson to that! Sorry to get carried away its years before you have to worry about this stuff, but its never too early to prepare.

I dunno, that hat is just red and white ... I see no blue ... I think he cheers for the Stamps!! He's gained a lot of knowledge in his 18 hours! :wink:
Congrats Ro!

Good stuff, all this; wonderful for you and family, ro, and how wonderful for us to have a thread without animosity. So young, and already your nephew brings peace. What's his name?

Sure looks like there could be some Ti-Cat in him. :slight_smile:

I'm thinking we could see the frist Blue Bomber player to score the teams frist Action Point! :lol:

all in good fun Ro!

Congrats ro1313, just make sure you keep him away from Kanga while he's learning English (or French)....LOL

Well I can teach him how to say the most important and interesting woad in the English language today, here is a hind, it begins with the letter "f" :lol:

You know, the CFL should get a contact with Build a Bear so that they can make CFL stuff for the teddies like they do for the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and even the WNBA!!! That would make a great gift for Ro's nephew and the little fans of this league. I always get something from there for my Girlfriend, little cousins and friends.

The CFL polyresin bears don't do it for the young ones.

[url=] ... ory=Sports[/url] [url=] ... ddy%20Bear[/url]

That's a good idea, KK ... start 'em young ... the CFL needs more of those sorts of deals!

I know coming from me it sounds redicoulios, stupid, and do right weild coming from me, but somebodys got to do it.

Congrats ! :slight_smile: