Allow each team 3 players that don't count against the cap.

1-3 star players might be all that is required to allow the teams in bigger centres to market their team and attract better crowds.

Teams that don't want to spend this extra money would still not be at that much of a disadvantage because 3 players on a CFL team won't be giving any team that much of an edge.

If the media in the big cities, especially Toronto, get behind their team, bigger tv contracts will follow, which will allow all teams to spend more and make the CFL product that much better.

Then why have a cap in the first place?????

Keep the cap to allow for cost certainty and keep all teams on an even playing field.

Allow 3 players to not count against the cap for the purpose of marketting the team.

They had this before for 1 player. THey dropped it to allow for more cost certainty.

I think there should be 2 players from each team that should be exempt from the salary cap. One import and one canadian. It makes sense so every team can have a franchise player and to keep an outstanding canadian without having to worry about whether a team can stay under the cap.

i kinda understand what hes saying.

cuz now the Lions won, they might not have Cap space to re-sign Dickenson.

so it kinda sucks they wont get the chance to properly defend thier title.

im not for it or against it right now.

maybe after a season or two of the cap, they might decide to go that way?

If the Lions can't re-sign Dickenson because of the cap, and therefore cannot "properly defend their title", does that not also mean that others cannot take a proper run at bumping them from their title due to the same cap restrictions?

Everyone is on the same playing field here.

Everyone is on the same playing field here, true enough.

But, if that means that teams start losing their best players to that other league because of cap issues, then what?

That ridiculous. One second everyone is saying we need a cap. We get one effective next season. A lot of us say that it wont work and that its bullshit. But then, we decide to go against what many of us have hoped for a long time. Like Ro1313 said, "why have a cap in the first place?"

If BC cant defend their title, then thats their problem. Thats what it going to happen with the new system - "cap casualities"...

Was there not a player last year who gave up part of his own salary to give to another so he would stay with the team?

What is to stop that from happening again. The team pays player A a crazy amount of who and he then pays other players?

Funny how there were posters would were complaining about the 2 teams that votes against the cap, and now it looks like people are beginning to change their minds.