Allouttes fleur de les on Helmet !

The Montreal Allouttes have placed the fleur de les provincial sticker on the back of there Helmets next to the Canada flag sticker. The Allouetts are the only Canadian Football team to adopt this practice. Not even the Saskatchewan Rough Riders have done this as they are named after the province.

The Government of Canada has supported the Canadian football league for years and the Canada flag is placed on the back of ever helmet in the CFL.

The Government of Quebec also supported the Molson Stadium redevelopment. I'm sure the presence of the "nation within the nation"'s flag is merited. In Quebec whether English Canadians like it or not, the provincial flag means as much and in most cases more than the Canadian flag. So its inclusion on the Alouette's helmet is simply good business practice.

Saw that, but thought it was honoring Scouts Canada :rockin:

Quebec is part of Canada after all so I'm not sure how it's offensive to anyone. Would people complain if the Ticats added the Ontario flag?

Kinda like the national and provincial flags found on the Calgary Flames' sweaters.

Quebec is the only province that call it's Provincial Legislature "The National Assembly" because they consider Quebec a nation. Quebec flag on their helmets doesn't surprise me. You don't see a lot of Canadian flags in Quebec, but the Quebec flag flying high everywhere. Canada Day goes unnoticed and ignored but June 24th is the big "National Holiday"
No English on road signs and no English if you get a speeding ticket, parking ticket, drivers license etc

Walking in Montreal a couple of weeks ago, there were 3 flags on most hotels: Quebec fleur de lis, Canada flag & US flag. I was a little offended by the US flag, but it's clearly a business practice.

So why would you be offended by the US flag in this country? our biggest trading partner, fellow NAFTA partner, fellow NATO, partner, NORAD. I wouldn't have an objection to a US sticker on the American players helmets, after all the majority of players and coaches are from the US and without them we don't have a CFL.
Were you offended by the British flag flying there or the French flag or German?

Sounds like blind hatred of the french to me. It doesn't make a difference what they consider themselves because they are in fact part of Canada. Since when does thinking you're a nation make you one? If thats the case then I declare my home an independent nation.

Montreal has a giant Canada day parade every year and is approx 1/3 english. The province has about 8 million people total and at least 1.5 million are english speaking. There are even some smaller towns that are predominantly english.

Doesn't bother me at all.

What's wrong with having a provincial emblem on the helmets? If Sask or BC haven't done that, maybe the should consider it. So should the Ticats. As noted, the Calgary Flames do, so why shouldn't the Alouettes or any CFL team? Why is it more of a problem and less understandable if it's Montreal?

As far as the "nation" question is concerned, the Parliament of Canada passed a resolution a few years ago recognizing that Quebec is a nation within Canada. All parties voted for it. That is a recognized reality in this country.

Re the other issues mentioned, these are not relevant to football as a sport or as a business. Styling the provincial legislature as the National Assembly (Quebec), House of Assembly (Newfoundland & Labrador), Provincial Parliament (Ontario), or Legislative Assembly (all others) is a question of political protocol, not important to this discussion. Re. the size of the parade on June 24, so what? Toronto's biggest parades are Pride Week and Caribana. More Quebec flags than Canadian in Quebec?... yes, it's been that way for many years. Remember when Danny Williams took down the Cdn flag in NL during a dispute with Ottawa? Stop signs and parking tickets in French???.... yes, of course, people in Quebec speak French. Does Hamilton issue parking tickets in French, or in English only? Yikes!!

I think it's just fine that the Alouettes have the provincial emblem on their helmets. In fact I'm glad they do. I wish other teams would do it too. I propose the Ticats do the same. Let's put a trillium on them.

I think Hamilton should put the Ontario Flag and the Hamilton Flag on there helmets :roll: ?? :roll:

At least the Quebec flag represents part of this country. Flying any other flag than a Canadian flag in this country offends me, although there's a case to be made for both the British & French flags since they both had a hand in founding Canada. The US may be all the things you've stated, but they're also the party who has waged 2 unnecessary wars, the country who loves to throw their weight around internationally, the country who's blind patriotism precludes them from understanding the rest of the world and how offensive their arrogance is.

I know you're one of the posters who loves to ride the "eliminate Canadian content" hobbyhorse. My question to you: why are you in this country if you love the US so much? :roll:


What a stupid question.
and if you cant figure out they have an American flag because they get a lo of tourists from the states theirs something wrong with you.

I wouldn't be so bothered about it if the english speaking people in their province weren't denied their language rights there...

I have no problem with this personally. Maybe soon there will be an NDP emblem on the helmets as well for the Als. :wink:

But let me see, you can't have a bilingual sign in Quebec but it's ok to fly the American flag? Hmmm, whatever. :roll:

It offends you to see other flags in this country and you don't like any players but Canadian?
Let me see can you spell B-G-O-T?????