Allouettes In Trouble!

Matthews was completely outcoached last night by Higgins who inserted some novel plays in their offensive system.Up to the last three games the Als opposition consisted of Toronto without their first string quarterback and two games with Hamilton the weak sister in the league and Hamilton came close to beating the Als in their last game.This team is in trouble-Calgary and an Argo team with a first team QB demolished the Als.The Als offense is regressed.Calvillo is throwing the ball too high most of the time.Thryon Anderson dropped a touchdown pass last evening and the Als lack a long receiver.The team is not getting long pass completions.Edwards is not getting the holes permitting him to break through the line. Maybe the offensive line is getting older and weaker and their perceived superior defense was squashed by Calgary's offense.Better look to the NFL late cuts.Other than Winnipeg,The Alouettes have not beaten a quality or healthy team this year.

The Als were being written off last year at this time. They were heading out to B.C. to play the Lions, who were 10-0. Everyone predicted a blowout, but the Als came within one point of winning. They turned the season around at that point.
I am concerned with the offensive line, though. These guys have been borderline atrocious the past two or three games. If the Als can't get a running game going, Calvillo's passing is going to suffer.
They continue to be touted as one of the best 0-lines in the league. Maybe they're listening to the media too much and forgetting to play.

B.C has also had a weak schedule to start the season playing an awful Edmonton team three times losing and bearly winning another and Toronto twice without Allen and Winnipeg without Glenn and Stegall. The key to beating the Lins is containing Dickenson who is not 100%.This will be a close game.Als 25 Lions 20

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I think the Umaga he was inspired by, is by the superstar from the World Wrestling Entertainment. I could be wrong.

I think the Als are in trouble if their Defence continues to play like they did last game against Calgary. A bunch of kids playing football in a park could of scored 40 points on them, with Micky Mouse plays that shouldn't work, such as reverses. 100 yards on trick plays?

Offensively, they got to do something. Of course, when Watkins returns, they will take Terrance Edwards out of the lineup, and quite frankly, I felt that he was their 2nd best receiver last game, after Cahoon. Maybe bench Anderson this game?

The Offence was one of the reasons why the Defence stunk, all those 2 and outs, doesn't give the Defence a lot of time to rest, and the Stampeders had nice long drives, just tirering out the Als Defence.

Hopefully, if they can start playing like they did the first 7 games, were not in trouble, and I think they will come out strong against the Lions, Friday Night.

But that's just me.

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Dude this is a forum for the als not wwe.

Precisely; although, with a nick like that, he could always say, "everybody listen (ha-ha) to me." No wait, tha'd be his running buddy, Armando Alejandro Estrrrrrrrrrrada, who I believe got his managerial style from The Don.. complete with the Cuban cigars. :lol:

Does anyone know what happened to Marcelle Bellefeuille. He was deffensive co-oridinator for saskatchewan last year. I know he signed with als before the season but I havent seen him.

When was Bellefeuille in charge of the defense?

He's still with the Als, teching the receivers how to drop and the running backs how to constantly run it up the middle.

He did such a wonderful job teaching the same thing in Saskatchewan the previous years...

Thanks,Bellefeuille is offensive co-ordinator my bad.

Well whatever happens i expect good game

Bellefeuille isn't the offensive coordinator, Kevin Strasser is. Bellefeuille hasn't been terribly impressive this year, I have to say. Our receiving corps hasn't looked this pathetic in years and apart from Terry Vaughn, it's the same group from last year, so what gives? Berry was the O-line coach, so I can't believe that guys like Watkins, Stala, and Anderson have just forgotten how to play.

I still believe that the change in footballs this year has affected Calvillo way more than he's letting on. Nice move by the league to change the frickin football shortly before the start of the season -- what possible effect could it have on the quarterbacks? :roll:

At the risk of bashing Cavillo again, his play calling has been predictable and unimaginative. If you don't change up your approach to the offense, defenses will inevtiably study, learn and make the necessary changes. Defenses around the league know how to defend against the Als' passing game because there have been little or no wrinkles thrown in to the fray.

Establish a running game. Keep the opposition d-line honest and less aggressive and the linebackers closer to point of scrimmage. That inevitably opens up the passing lanes. Successful teams like Calgary, B.C. and now Toronto are doing that while past Alouette success came from a balanced attack. Right now, they live by the pass and are dying because of it.

I wouldn't mind seeing Jacques Chapdelaine in Montreal as the O.C. and taking control of play calls/offensice schemes if Cavillo refuses to or can't make the necessary adjustments. It won't happen but I can still dream...

As for the change in the football, using that to defend failures - particularly at this point in the season - would be nothing more than an excuse and I give Cavillo kudos for not using that. If there were to be any adjustments made by QBs with the new ball, it would have occurred in the first few games of the season. As the new ball is used (of course) by all quarterbacks, it creates a level playing field and has not seemingly adversely affected most of the other QBs around the league such as Dickenson, Pierce, Ray, Allen etc..