Alliance of American Football

The new AAF league season starts on February 9. There are several x CFL players who have made the roosters of Atlanta, Birmingham and Orlando. Khalil Bass (LB) previously played for Toronto and a western team will suit up with Atlanta. Trent Richardson (RB) played for Saskatchewan and will suit up for Birmingham. Jerome Couplin was briefly on the Tiger Cats rooster and will suit up Orlando. Last but not least is a fellow named Will Hill. I am sure most Tiger Cat fans will remember him as a player living on the edge. He will suit up for Orlando as well. Nice to see there will be football beyond Super Bowl with a few names from the CFL past.

Interesting. So someone decided that the best time to capture the imagination of football fans with a brand new product is 6 days after the Superbowl Binge.

Seems a little like launching a new alcohol brand at 8am on January 1st. At least people are still thinking about alcohol, I suppose.

Too funny?

Other than the NBA stretch there really isn’t any other sports on until March madness. Probably the best time to have more football to be honest.

Trying to catch the party crowd while they are still enjoying the buzz, and before the hangover hits?

:o :o :o :o :o

Because hockey doesn’t count [/sarcasm]

But in reality, in the States, it doesn’t…

Correct. Nobody in the US cares about hockey

The new league playoffs run opposite NBA and NHL playoffs…good luck with that

Just out of interest I took a look at the final rosters of all 8 teams after final cuts were made . If my count is correct there is only 8 players total in the league that at one time or another had any affiliation with the Cats . None of these players are what I would call anything near star quality or household names and the majority of them were fringe players who were here for what amounted to a cup of coffee with the team at best .

Surprisingly conspicuous by their absence on this list are Sergio Castillo and Brian Tyms . Both were among the first 100 players signed to the league but neither is named on a final roster. I’m not really sure what happened there , both perhaps were final cuts…who knows ?

Anyway for those interested here is the 8 ex-Cats that made final rosters in this fledgling league .

Malcolm Bunche - ot …Arizona Hotshots…was on the Cats PR in 2017
Tyrig McCord - de…Atlanta Legends…was on the Cats PR in 2017
Matt Wells - lb…Birmingham Iron…played 3 gms with the Cats in 2016 also on PR
Jaleel Wadood - db…Birmingham Iron…was on the Cats PR in 2018
Chris Davis - db…Birmingham Irons…played 14 gms with the Cats in 2016 and 2017
Quinterrius Eatmon - ot…Orlando Apollos…played 2 gms with the Cats in 2017 also on PR
Will Hill - lb/db…Orlando Apollos…played 5 gms with the Cats in 2017
Jerome Couplin - lb…Orlando Apollos…played 1 gm with the Cats in 2018 also on PR

Hill is the only player of consequence.

Would have thought there would have been a place for Castillo

Will Hill - lb/db..................Orlando Apollos..........played 5 gms with the Cats in 2017
Will Hill was a terrific Football player, too bad he was a total head case. :o

Maybe there is a place for him in Hamilton.

Yup . He’s Orlando’s problem now . My guess is that this is the final chance for Hill in his football career.
If he screws up and goes off the rails like he did in his brief time here he’ll be finished for good .

Glad you said Orlando’s and not Orlondo’s! Had to read that twice to make sure… :slight_smile:

LOL . Yup . Orlando as in Apollos as opposed to Orlondo as in Head Coach . 8)

What I read of Apollos I bet Orlando will be a bunch of saints on the field!

Which football team will win the championship in April ? Albuquerque Aztecs, California Crusaders, Chicago Rhinos, Colorado Blizzard , Dallas Knights, Houston Cattlemen, Kansas Twisters, Los Angeles Breakers, Arizona Hotshots, Salt Lake Stallions, San Antonio Commanders, San Diego Fleet, Birmingham Iron, Memphis Express, Orlando Apollos, Atlanta Legends

My guess is the Fleet. :o

Pat Lynch (the old nebulous guy)

Where’d you get those first 8 teams, Pat?
There are only 8 teams, at least for this first season, and they’re the last 8 in your list. I’ve read that the oddsmakers, whoever they are, pick the Hotshots as the favourites to be the first AAF champions.

Are those the real names of the teams? And people mocked us for having a Roughriders and a Rough Riders! Rhinos? Hotshots? Twisters? Sounds like a video game :D.