Alliance of American Football (AAF) thread

I thought we might post any thoughts regarding the above in regard to how it may affect the CFL in this thread.

Here is that league's website if you need to research anything for comparison to the CFL.

Note that they just released the team names yesterday.
Nostalgic CFL fans will see that the Salt Lake team has chosen the name Stallions, so I assume any future CFL incursion into the U.S. may not have that name again should this league survive.

Doesn’t the CFL hold the rights to the name Stallions?

Justin Dunk analyzes why Mark Chapman would (and did) sign with the Salt Lake Stallions instead of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats...

Pretty much the reasons I expected, and highlights the potential threat to the CFL signing players going forward.

“Let’s compare Chapman to regular jobs in the working world. You’re being offered the same position from two competing companies. One wants to pay you more money to work 45 per cent less and the other is offering a smaller amount of money while putting in nearly twice as much time. What would you choose?”

Well, I would consider if one was a start up in an industry where just about every start up has failed very quickly, and one was a company with a long, long history and usually, mostly paying its bills…

What if the average career length in your field was ~3 years?

In relations to the CFL.

I am a football fan, so I am interested in this new league, but the US has shown time and again, they are not interested in Spring Football, or leagues that are Not NFL, NCAA or local High School.

I imagine it will have the same affect that the other spring leagues had.
Some players in the CFL will choose to play in the new league because its close to home and paid in US dollars.
Some players will play in both.
Some players will stay in the CFL.

If the league is around in 5-10 years, we will see how it relates.

Most players that play in the spring league like the ones previously folded, ended up at best the CFL level. The Cfl has benefitted in the past of having more professionally trained players coming.

If anything, the CFL and the new league should be in discussions on how to treat contracts between the two leagues for players that want to play in both.

I'm not concerned. There's no shortage of physically gifted athletes. The difficulty is in teaching/training them to play the Canadian game.


No, they abandoned the mark in 1996.

See TESS -- Error

The AAFAFAAFFAA or whatever applied on 9/20/2018 for theirs:

A Southeast Division and a Southwest Division? Hard pass.

Now if the XFL starts up without all the sissified rule changes that render other leagues almost unwatchable? I’m interested.

I don’t think this will be the XFL of old.

All the rule changes that have been discussed are targeted “family friendly”

The one thing it might bring out is possible more safer rules.

But there is perception with this that if a team like the TiCats with a well-heeled owner can’t sign a domestic draft like this that isn’t of interest to the NFL then really not good on the CFL.

As I say, just a perception, optics, I agree there are others out there who are excellent. Remember Giguere, coming from the Giants and many thought he was going to be awesome in the CFL. Just another regular, heck Jones with the Cats is a better receiver than Giguere could hope to be.

I thought Chapman was one of those pretend Nationals.

But he was drafted so despite being born in the US, he must be enough of a National. Not sure of his background though.

Ok, here’s the explanation:

A resident of Port Huron, Mich., Chapman is deemed a Canadian in the CFL because he has dual Canadian-American status as his mother is from Sarnia, Ont. It wasn’t until his senior season that Chapman learned he could be eligible to play in Canada as a national player. "I’d never thought I’d be No. 1, let alone be in a position to play professional ball," Chapman said. "To go No. 1 in a professional draft was amazing. "I was surrounded by my family and friends and all my close people. We got the call from (Hamilton coach June Jones), had a conversation with him and my family started cheering. It was really emotional."

I guess it wasn’t that emotional though. :wink:

Another league that will join a long list of other failures in the cemetery or scrap heap section.

Does that mean we're not going to actually get those updated CFL USA jerseys the league promoted on social media? Dang darnit :wink:

Edmonton's GM weighs in on the influence of the AAFL:

Sunderland is also worried about the American Alliance of Football taking talent away from the CFL.

“That’s almost a bigger concern for me personally and taking with other GMs around the league than the CBA. We’ve lost 12 players off our negotiation list already so it’s extremely challenging,?Sunderland said.

“They’re playing less games for more money, they’re doing that in their home country where maybe family and friends don’t have to travel or get a passport. A lot of times if they have a significant other it’s easier for them to get work right there. The big thing is they have a contract where they will let them out at any time to go to the NFL. So it’s hard to compete with that, especially when you throw in the exchange rate and so on and so forth.?

So the Esks GM along with others running the league need to get off their collective duffs and actually start doing something about it (like paying their players a decent wage) rather than just complaining.

The only way to do that would be to match AAF, and XFL, salaries, but with the way these new spring leagues are throwing money around, trying to outdo each other? Better to wait and pick up the scraps.