ALLEN's passing record watch [MOON in sight]

As you all know ALLEN is chasing WARREN MOON’s all time , all pro world football record for the most passing yards in all of pro football history. NFL and CFL.

He now just needs 643 to break MOON’s record. :thup:

The Toronto Star is reporting that Allen might need to go under the knife to repair his finger.

As a CFL fan , I am happy for Allen's achievements. But remember he did it all in the CFL , not in the NFL like Moon did. In a pass happy CFL, if Moon never left the CFL, Allen would never have reached Moon's stats. Let's keep this record in perspective. Just my opinion. Having said all that, congrats to Damon Allen.

Thats all fine and good but the record is for yards passing.
Its not a cfl or nfl record its an all time record!

Warren Moon,s record includes stats from nfl and cfl, equally, --- this creates a link, and put,s all CFL stats on par with nfl stats!! ie, mike pringles 2000 yd season etc.

ALLEN , only needs 89 yards to pass the 70,000 yards mark!

He should do that Vs. Montreal!

70,000 not 17,000..hahaha

most QBs put up close to 5,000 yards passing each season, so 17,000 yards only takes 4 seasons to reach.

Tongiht will be a special night at the ArgoDome when he hits 70,000!

its an overrated recrod, damon allen never changed the game or revolutionized his position, i dont see young kids growing up in canada wanting to be the next damon allen, this guy has never excited fans, he 's just another qb, he aint on the level of moon, unitas, montana, manning, marino, staubach.

No, but what he has been is that he has been consistently good. Plus he would have passed for 70,000 yards and rushed for 12,000 yards. He is the all-round QB.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

he is third in all time CFL RUSHING , forget all of his passing records , awards and GREY CUP wins. :roll:

Lets not forget he was one of the 1st BLACK Q.B.s. , just like MOON!


And none of the other Q.B.s ypu mentioned changed their position. :lol:

too many pops last night :lol: :lol: :lol:

if damon allen is so great. why is it so hard for him to stay on one team, the guy is a cancer in the lockeroom and thats why he cant last too long

no, every one just thinks he won't be able to stay at the level he's playing at now, so they don't resign him/trade him

There are a number of QBs who if they had played as many seasonsgames as Allen, they would have done way better. If Flutie had played his whole career in CFL, he would have easily surpassed 80,000. If Dunigan had played as long, he would be ahead of Allen. Kudos to Allen for longevity, but that is all.

:roll: :lol:

I will take all of his passing records , 3rd in all time CFL rushing , 4 GREY CUP rings , 2 GREY CUP MVPS , 1 MVP Award , 1 Fans Choice awards and a WORLD RECORD in passing , any time of day! :thup:

some cancer :lol:

Sadly Damon's best years have been late in his career at a time when the comptetive balance of the CFL league is gone. Think of the glory this guy gets from racking up yards against a now defunct Ottawa team and and those sad sack Hamilton pussycats who have had losing seasons now for over three years. The Cats can't even score a TD.

Get real, Moon proved he was good by moving on the the NFL and doing great there. Damon, well, he keeps in shape.


Are you saying the quality of player or team is worse now than in the early 80's? Some people think the CFL is for chumps but they don't understand the simple logistics of football.

Yes the best players are in the NFL, only money dictates that. However, there are thousands of football players every year coming out of the states. Once the NFL is full, there is just so many spots. Every few years there is another league contemplating starting up. There is just that many players down there. The CFL is the cream off the crop of these players and that is why many can play and leave to play in the NFL. The CFL has saved the carears of greats like Moon.

Anyway, my point there is that the talent has never been better in the CFL combined with the fact that scoring is down and every team preaches defence. I don't see how racking up yards is easyier now. There has always been terrible teams to beat up on as some teams have to lose to balance the wining teams, everyone can't go 15-3.