ALLEN's coverage in the Toronto press!

The Toronto Sun's front page.

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They also have 3 pages on the ARGOS starting on the front page of their sports section and a full page coloured poster of congratulations for ALLEN on the last page :o :thup:

Maybe some of your letters got threw to them?

And the Toronto Star.


I love the point about NFL star running back EMMIT SMITH. :thup:

" should SMITH'S rushing yards be reduced because of the RUN happy NFL " :thup:

For those who think that ALLEN's passing #s are inflated because he plays in the PASS happy CFL. :thup:

The STAR has ALLEN on the front of their sports section , 2 pages of CFL starting at the front page of the sports section and a full page colour poster congradulating ALLEN near the end of the sports section :o :thup:

Interesting article! Dan Marino I think was in a "pass happy" offence, n'est pas?

Very good point :thup: and he was the master of the 5 yard pass! :wink: :lol:

Does the Toronto Media know that Sadaharu Oh hit more home runs than Henry Aaron? Does the Toronto Media know that there were 4 American Football Leagues, All-American Football Conference, the United States Football League, the World Football League, World League of American Football and NFL Europe and these above leagues have rules similar to the NFL? It is so nice to be Toronto-centric in this question. I am glad that there is no Toronto team in the NFL.

Lets not forget the XFL.

These are Toronto papers after all and sell in the Toronto area , but they are pretty dumb and American centric.

but all those leagues are dead, or dying, and I believe that the AAFC records were added to the NFL's records.

It's good to see it was a headline on home page.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Here is the link to the ESPN story. There is an accompanying poll where you can vote whether Damon should be in the Pro FHOF or not...(62% of 2600 voters say YES!)

What Damons done he really is quite amazing.

We could solve this problem by having our own
professional hall of fame.

Hell we SHOULD have one.

Put it in Regina.

If the HOF in Canton doesn't recognize CFL records, then they should lose the title of "Professional" and change it to the NFL Hall of Fame. Following that, they should stop calling the Super Bowl champs "world champions".

Thanks for the link Invader. What is more impressive is that Warren Moon said he couldn't have lasted as long playing just in the CFL because more is expected from the qb position (are you listening Jason Maas) with 3 downs and the need to run the ball a bit more and the larger field. Damon lasting this long at a fairly high level is extremely impressive considering he isn't just a drop back passer without doing any running.

there is a CFL HOF, it's in Hamilton.