Allen vs. Maas

Maas 12 out of 24. 3ints no TDs
Allen 19 out of 36. 3ints no TDs
Tell me which QB should have been pulled

Doogie, Doogie, you can't even come close to comparing Maas and Allen!! Did you miss the ceremonies at the start of the game??? There was somthing about Allen beating some record or something.....Maas has a track record for his pathetic efforts!

You forgot to mention Allen has 22 years experience....

A lot of football people say Maas is hurt, then why dosnt Ron sit him out like most of other coaches have done with their QBs this year, shut it dosnt mean hes not number one anymore. It looks like Maas wont take himself out.

Remember the bad years with DMac?He wont sit him no matter what.......