ALLEN : Making Run for first MOP AWARD!

4 GREY CUP WINS and 3 GREY CUP MVP's , but no MOP :smiley:

What the heck is a MOP award :shock:
If it was not Allen I would say Most Obnoxious Player!!!!!

Never mind
Most Outstanding Player

Though players want the Grey Cup more than individual awards, I’m pretty sure Allen wouldn’t want to end his illustrious career without that title.

In the first half of the season, Dave Dickenson seemed in pole position. But there’s only so many games you may miss without eventually slipping out of it. Jason Tucker also was a strong contender, but he got quieter with time.

Now I believe Allen is almost locked in first place. Barring a real f*ck-up against Hamilton and Ottawa, he should get the title.

Hey, that got me wondering... In the last 20 years, how many non-QB have won the MOP Title? I believe Mike Pringle got it in 2001, but I'm not even sure.. anybody knows?

Do you have to be in the Cup to win the MOP?

Damon Allen have my vote. He played great all year long. If he can keep playing like that, he'll play till he's 60 years old !

You don't have to be in the grey cup to win the MVP of the league award.

Right now it's between Allen & Calvillo.

Allen is leading in efficiency, TD's, and has less int's.

Calvillo is leading in yards & completion %.

If the season ended now I would give it to Allen.

Dickenson would have been a lock to win it, imo, if he had stayed healthy and continued playing how he was playing. He has 73.9% completion rate and a 118.9 efficiency rate, which are both quite impressive especially behind a porous O-line.

Ro1313, there's a Most Outstanding Player and Most Outstanding Canadian titles for both the regular season and the Grey Cup game.

The regular season title means more because you had to perform over 20 weeks to get it, but winning the Grey Cup MOP title MOST PROBABLY means you won the big game, which is more than satisfaying.

And ALLEN, has won the GREY CUP 4 TIMES and it's MVP 3 times.

The MVP and MOP seem to be 2 different things. Allen has won MVP 3 times but never MOP.
I think maybe MVP is for the CUP and MOP is for the Season?

MOP, is for the season....MVP , is for the game.

I didn't this the CFL gave out MVP's. It was alway referred to as "Most Outstanding..."

ps. Give the Season MOP to Allen. He's earned it.

Right now I say its a toss-up between Allen and Calvillo.
I admit I’m biased towards Calvillo (HT is biased towards Allen) but here are the figures

Calvillo 5241 yards 65.4% 12.8 avg 30 TD 18 Int 9wins 7loses 540pts scored
Allen 4754 yrds 64.6% 14.2 avg 31 TD 14 Int 10wins 6loses 435 pts scored

Real close as far as I’m conderned

The reason I take Allen is he has a better touchdown to interception ratio, has a better efficiency rating, and lead his team to first in their divsion (pending the last two games).

Very compelling stats ro1313. You can see who I will be cheering for, but ultimately I believe the decision may very well go which team goes the furthest and or when the votes are tabulated. If it is done now, DA is the winner.

He is also the CFL PLAYER of the WEEK! This week.

Believe it or not this is his 1st time ever , as an ARGO!

Good points but is it fair to blame Calvillo because the ALS D sucks this year.
In 3 of his loses he put 46,37 and 36 points on the board. Usually that is more than enought to win.

And it is not Allen winning the games for the Argos, it's the D so I would say Calvillo should be MOP. Too bad DD hasn't been healthy all season, then it would be a real race for MOP.

Allen for MOP...he's a living legend...
If he win's the 06 Cup..??
Just might be, and should be, the Greatest CFL qb of AllTime..