Allen is out/ KJ finds his place

but Wynn seems to be holding his own thus far, TO, congrats, you just found yourself a successor.

now I hope that Wynn does well so that WPG can have a go at getting Printers rights from BC, if our QB situation gets any worse.

and you know, it just hit me, most of the new unifroms (like TO) in the CFL look like they are inside out. :lol:

and Kahari Jones makes a great commentator, good to see him find a spot with the league, give that guy a job at TSN FNF!!!

As we approach the half, the report on Allen's injury is conflicting. Some say its his non-throwing hand and some say it is his throwing arm.

Jude St.John has a knee injury and Josh Ranek has a tight calf. Tough start for some of the starters.

The TiCats are being hurt badly by really stupid penalties. I sure as heck don't want to be in that dressing room at half time. I hope the paint DOES peel though. These guys need to smarten up!!

Holmes is picking up exactly where he left off last season. What a great pick up! Hope Saskatchewan is enjoying Kerry Joseph!!

ALLEN broke the middle finger on his throwing hand. He will be back soon.

In the mean time it is good to see that we finally have a good back up Q.B.

WILLIAMS , had a pretty game as well.

hellothere, they said on TSN Allen is out 4 to 6 weeks.

That is much better than when he had a broken leg and then came back to win the GREY CUP. :thup:

ALLEN won the CFL's 2005 MOP and the CFL's Fans Choice Award. :thup:

This year he could pass WARREN MOON as the ALL TIME PRO passer of all time , even if he misses some games. :thup:

It was great to see the ARGOS beat HAMILTON with their back up Q.B. :lol:

I am not sure what the Argos will do now, probably bring back Charlie Peterson.

Winipeg may have traded the wrong QB. Wynn went 18 of 28 for 224 yards 2 TDs and an inerception. Glenn on the other hand went 15 of 26 for 173 yards no TDs and 2 interceptions

oh man... :oops:

if allens out for that long we could be fighting for at least 2nd in the east

if Hamilton gets it togerther, and they will cuz they only made pre season errors, we are still over looking at thrid place.

Week 1 was sucess but i expected alot form some teams especially the Cats and Riders.