Allen escorted off the field

Good start back, apparently Allen got into a dispute with defensive line coach Mike Sinclair

Yup...DIbs got in his face when he tried showing some swag to him and said make the gameday then chirp...he snapped.

Was a great practice. All sorts of good stuff out of it....interesting

care to elaborate?

In what...practise or his back and forth with DBs

Lets be greedy and say both

lol...very well...

I wasn't paying much mind to what lead up to the Allen incident as it was in early stretch not much more to say than that. I saw when he snapped and had to be pulled off the field...that was about it. Apparently he just kinda got wordy (no idea how much...but really, this is normal to give a little lip back and forth in practice) and someone said he had to earn a game day roster spot before he could other words, Allen did some normal trash talking and someone fired back with something they probably shouldn't have...but I must admit it is a great rebut...but the thing is, I saw Coach Sinclair walking away from it all and other than Messam and Dyce pulling Allen away from it all (restraining) I didn't really see anyone else looking like they were a part of I do actually wonder if Sinclair said it and not a player. I tend to think it was a coach trying to do some gentle ribbing (normal) and he just poked the wrong spot for a guy who was not on the 44 last week. Sinclair also just seemed off Idunno

As far as practice...
Doughty was out...foot injury...sounds like it might lead to a 6 game
Getz was off...not sure why
Brack was at LB with Knox on the other side (nice to see) and there was some rotation at MLB...Unamba was in there...which is a little surprising. Big question mark there no doubt...though I have heard that there are some light talks about trading for Jasper Simmons...I have a feeling we are going to see a costly trade, but not in time for him to dress Saturday. I think MacDougal will that is likely a factor in it all...prepping a NI just in case.
Looks like they might be looking to give Early some kicking duties...I think he got is stuff together over the bye because he was fricken launching them. He nailed one from 60 or 65 and had piles to spare...perhaps he takes over long kicks...idunno
Ainsworth seemed to be getting a LOT more reps than normal...It is looking like he/Chick/Hall will potentially be rotating more, then same at DT...gets Walker into the game more...great tactic if it holds true...keeps the OL off balance as well
Hollins was back and looked pretty good...I think he might be a keeper, so happy to see
Marshay Green put in a good day
LeGree got a few reps last game, but if this is an indication he will be playing a lot of Safety this week
TJax was looking to be back in good form
Mertile and Bryan looking to be battling for a spot on the 46
Carrol got increased reps with Getz not practicing and looked good
I just love watching Wilson...He is loving every minute he is out there and relishing the miracle of a second chance to play. Roosevelt looked pretty cozy out there in more limited reps as well

Really...the D just tried a whole bunch of new looks and I liked them. MLB is a massive question mark, but the secondary looked noticeably better with some bodies back. They have looked bad even in practice...not so much today.

On O...nothing to crazy to say that I havent...Price looked mountains better than he has since arriving. I still want to see more Sims though...even bantering in practice he seems to gel very well with players...and that can translate well...he is probably not ready yet, but I still want to see him. The OL looks a little banged that is concerning as well.

Brack was at LB with Knox on the other side (nice to see) and there was some rotation at MLB...Unamba was in there...which is a little surprising. Big question mark there no doubt...though I have heard that there are some light talks about trading for Jasper Simmons...I have a feeling we are going to see a costly trade, but not in time for him to dress Saturday. I think MacDougal will that is likely a factor in it all...prepping a NI just in case.

Calgary released Simmons today, apparently over agent tweeting lack of playing time.

Yup or at least that is the "official reason" I think it was going to be pretty hard for Huff to keep him after it got ugly publicly especially with Bo stepping into the mix too. I would love to see some one lay McDaniel out if they get the chance. Trash talking an ex teammate on social media when they had nothing to do with the incident is not cool in my books. Sure players don't always get along but they usually handle it quietly. This was nothing but a cheap shot at Price in public and again that doesn't fly with me. Anyways so as you say Simmons is out free and clear so no trade needed but is he someone you want on the team after an incident like this? Is he even really that good or just the big fish in a small pond last year with Ottawa?

I think Huff wanted to keep him as a just in case player, something perhaps the same as Alex was wanted to be kept by us but wouldn't bite on the PR bit. So again is Simmons worth a look at considering the mess or best left alone?

Oh and as far as costly trades go isn't that the only kind that we do now?

He is worth the look IMO...though you are left questioning if he brings locker room issues at this point. Tough to have open arms for a guy who goes public like that

Not sure if he would have the same issues on a different team. I meant having locker room issues staying with the Stamps. Yes not smart to air dirty laundry in public but was that all on him or his agent or both trying to force Huff's hand. Well he did accomplish that but now is the question will someone take a chance on him or is he too hot of an issue right now?

Possibly BC would take a chance on him with the injury to Sol. I would hate to lose a guy probably on the cheap if he really is good just because of the bad blood with the stamps that he had. That is why I asked is he really any good or a one hit wonder in Ottawa.

Have to admit it would sure ruffle the Stamps feathers if we did bring him in and played him and he burned them. I know not that he would play in this game but it would be funny to see the look on Huff's face.

If we only manage to win the games against the stamps this year it wouldn't be a total loss of the season. The trash talk and heckling that the stamps fans would get by losing to us would be priceless.

Idunno the man and he has never come up in a conversation with anyone in the game I know...but the Argos elected to not keep him around, he sat a year and then played fairly well for the ORBs (was a highlighter on their D really), yet they move him in the offseason (granted they REALLY needed a WR or 2), now he gets word out their that he is not happy how he is being used and stirs his team pot to the point Huff shruggs is shoulders at the loss of a good player in a trade for a guy they wanted to grow (he is only 25) behind 2 outstanding LBs and simply lets him walk....I am not saying there is an issue there...but it makes you wonder.

Well I guess Simmons is now a bomber just saw it on TSN

Shoulda picked him up for his playbook.

I pointed out that my observations in the aftermath suggested it may have been something with Coach Sinclair and not players...apparently this was the case:

[url=] ... l?spref=fb[/url]
3 - ANT MAN: Whether you want to admit it or not, the verbal spat between Riders running back Anthony Allen and defensive line coach Mike Sinclair prior to Tuesday's practice during the stretching period was symbolic. Things like this happen all the time, it's true, but for a team that's supposed to be putting the past seven weeks behind them and starting over, that was a dreadful way to begin the post-bye practice week.

Allen was dealing with personal issues which included the health of his father, and he explained the tiff after Wednesday's workout.

"Frustation from both us from being 0-7. We hadn't had the chance yet to hit somebody else on the field," Allen said. "I was around girls for the last 10 days. It was just some built-up stuff from both of us. It's been dealt with and we've moved on. (My Dad) is always on my mind but that's no excuse for what happened. I apologized to the team, I apologized to the coach I was involved with, I wish I could apologize to the fans and I apologize to the media who was out here at the team. It's very uncharacteristic of me and it's a one-time thing. Both of us were frustrated but we're all good now."

Nobody really batted an eye across the league, however it caught everyone's attention. Former Rider players chimed in on Facebook with their thoughts:

REC Jeff Fairholm: "I do have hope for the Riders but everything I read and hear suggests they are imploding!"

FB Shawn Daniels: "These spats are only newsworthy because of the record."

Shawn's probably right. Are disputes in practice a big problem?

No. But they're certainly not ideal. Especially for an 0-7 team which is trying to pull together.