Allen back in form?

damon comes off the bench, goes 100% passing and ends the drive with a TD pass.

is Damon back?

...who the heck made the decision to not take 1st and goal ont he second vs. 2nd and goal on the first?....Popp I would assume....dumb move...

I think it was AC. I didnt see him look to the bench.

allen always has been an overrated bum. His records are only because of longevity. His playing in the 4th is simply atrocious. They could have won this game if not for him.

hes a BUM

start Butler next week.

Understatement of the day....McMahon has a short leash.....0-2 0 yards 1 int. Doesn't get much shorter than that. Allen was better but still couldn't get it done.

I agree sportsmen, he couldn't get it done for the Boatmen...but what if he was a BlueBomber back-up...seasoned vet who could relieve Glenn if Glenn got Banged up...we would block for the old timer..Go Bombers

All I can say (and feel releived) is now that Dickenson is all but done, I'm glad we didn't get rid of Jackson too soon!

He's always been an alright Quarterback because of his mobility. He's had plenty of poor passing days but would make things happen with his legs. Now that he can't run anymore, he can't hide his poor performances.

All I can say is that the Argos better hope Bishop comes back sooner rather than later, but I wonder if he pushing himself to come back too soon. He could re-injure himself and be out a lot longer, something that he or Argos do not need.

Hard to say Sambo, the starter tonight looked awful and hasn't shown anything this season. The Boatmen might want to rest this injurie , because the season is young..

I still think if McMahon could come down of his high horse and really give it a sincere effort, to learn, and then perform, he could be good.

I didn’t know he was on a high horse, figure the guy, just might want to keep a job. So far Allen looks better than McMahon…

not much.

At least Mike might get better with experience.

Thats a big might, he's been throwing lame balls that are no where close to his target, running down field. He's shown this before and he keeps on repeating the far...he $ucks..yes he might long will that take..

the one thing I do know, Allen is done as far a cup winning goes. IF they had to go with Allen the whole way, its 3rd place, barely ahead of hamilton, and destroyed in semi final.

Does anybody remember how bad Cavillo was in Hamilton?? And it wasnt even his first yr in the league, or as starter.

The Argos will squeak out a win or two until Bishop returns to stay in the race in the East, remember last year, all their injuries and a 2 - 5 start with an 8 - 3 finish. It's a long season but McMahon is horrible, Gumby is a better choice with Butler coming off the bench. McMahon should be given the apple and road map.

....Why does McMahon seem to bare a very close resemblance to Tee Martin in his much for all the hype about this guy...Argos starter is the old guy...that's trouble.....and whatever happened to Rocky Butler...he may have moved up the qb. chain in T.O.....certainly couldn't play any worse than McMahon.... :or ol' folks..... :roll:

Well the last couple of games have proved one thing correct. Those people who selected Bishop/McMahon as a good quarterbacking duo, were just plain wrong.

If the Argo management got their heads out from between their derriere and stopped trying to appease Torontites’ appetite for a NFL surrogate maybe they’d actually bring players to camp other than NFL rejects, retreads and thugs.