Alleged Rider QB traded to Argos

sportsnet is reporting Dalton Bell has been traded to Toronto

[url=] ... rgos_bell/[/url]

Gotta wonder what the Riders have up their sleeve if this is true? This would leave us Durant, Harrel and Berquist. Could Chase Daniel be on his way?

The Riders have not made any announcement but Bell has been removed from the roster!

Or Kerry Joseph?

TSN is reporting it too.

Here's the link to the TSN article

Like I stated in another thread
The gm has to decide what to do with our quarterbacks and
nice to see he has.

I was disappointed in the preseason games last year with Bell.
Not sure what hapened, he showed a lot of promise when he arrived here 2 years ago.
Good Luck Dalton

We went from 5 now down to 3 quarterbacks.
My opinion is we have the best 3 left but like stated many times we have 0 experience backups.
Many feel KJ maybe brought back but my gut tells me Pierce might (if he gets released out of BC)
Tell him your here was insurance reasons only (# 3 on depth chart)
Bsides arent we usually the team that hurt him.

Not sure if he can remember all the hits he's taken over the years so as to form an opinion if it was Saskatchewan more often than other teams.

That said, I'm sure he remembers the human-guided-missile, Jackie Mitchell !

Bell is gone and i have a feeling we will see Buck Pierce in Regina :slight_smile:

BC did release it's not impossible. As a #2, I don't know that I'd be upset about that. He's got to be an upgrade from Jyles, and if he plays as much as Jyles did last year, his coconut should be okay. Plus, if our o-line manages to stay healthy, it's the chance to be a real solid unit.